TODAY   |  February 04, 2014

Skater Ashley Wagner: ‘It’s awesome’ in Sochi

Olympic figure skaters Wagner and Jeremy Abbott join Matt Lauer in Sochi to chat about the upcoming Games. Abbott says he’s “feeling great,” adding that he even brought an air mattress in his suitcase.

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>>> back here in sochi, day two for us, two days away from the games beginning. and we've got two members of the figure skating team with us now. as usual they'll compete individually, but there's the team event we need to learn more about. guys, good morning to both of you. great to have you here.

>> great to be here.

>> you just flew in.

>> yeah.

>> you came through the airport, got through security.

>> and dashed here.

>> thank you for that. how are you feeling?

>> i'm so excited to be here. my first game. it's a dream come true, it's awesome.

>> we should mention you came in from munich, so the jet lag not so bad.

>> not too bad.

>> jeremy, you came in a couple days ago, what have you had a chance to see?

>> feeling great. i've been in the village and the venues and the olympic park and everything has been fantastic.

>> ashley, you come here, not without a little bit of controversy. you finished fourth at the nationals, you're on the team as opposed to who finished third.

>> she and i have been friends for quite some time now, and she texted me and we've been in touch after the -- after nationals. and she said, you know what, you deserve to be on the team. good luck. so to have that support has been everything for me.

>> three cheers from her. that's a nice gesture. jeremy, when you're here, you're obviously focused on the competition. but it's also -- these are the olympics. and there's an awful lot going on. what do you want to get lost in? what else do you want to enjoy?

>> after i finish, i want to see everything. so i want to see that, i want to see a bunch of the mountain sports, hockey.

>> hockey.

>> hockey for sure.

>> in the building right over here.

>> right over here.

>> we want to know more about the team event . what can you share with us about who might be skating in what events?

>> we can't say anything. it's top, top secret . but we are all very excited. this is such a great opportunity. another medal for the u.s. team , hopefully, and i think that whoever we send out there, we're going to send our best team.

>> you're being coy, i'm going to let you get away with that. a lot of times, athletes bring something lucky like photos. you shipped your mattress here?

>> an air mattress .

>> i thought, that's tough in the overhead compartment.

>> i managed to roll it up somehow.

>> sleep well and compete well and we're thrilled to have you both here. and thanks