TODAY   |  February 04, 2014

Is this the craziest parallel parker in the world?

In this startling dashcam video from Russia, a driver can be seen coming from the far left side of the road, crossing four lanes and almost hitting three cars before doing a 180 and landing perfectly against the curb.

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>>> and proof this morning that parallel parking isn't as hard as it looks. this comes from russia. check this out. now, the car in question comes from the far left, four lanes over, almost hits not one, not two, three cars there. it does a 180, lands perfectly against the curb. we recommend you don't try this method on the streets of your hometown.

>> i didn't know --

>> i know.

>> self-proclaimed parallel parker in the world.

>> is he in russia?

>> he's there already.

>> he's in sochi.

>> maybe he's trying some stunts