TODAY   |  February 04, 2014

Where were you when Facebook launched?

On the 10th birthday of Facebook, Tamron Hall is in the Orange Room with a look at some throwback photos of the TODAY team as they looked a decade ago.

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>>> meantime, we'll take a turn. big day for facebook . tamron in for carson in the orange room .

>> well, these days, many of us are reminded of our friends' birthdays through facebook . and it's the social network celebrating the big ten. but first, how his creation changed the world.

>> reporter: ten years ago, likes, status updates and friend requests were just ideas bouncing around a harvard dorm room . in 2004 , then 19-year-old mark zuckerberg and his roommates started the facebook , an online version of college students directory.

>> you sign on, make a profile about yourself.

>> everybody was using it.

>> the facebook opened up to everyone in 2006 and today there are well over 1 billion users. facebook set the bar for the future of social media .

>> mark zuckerberg is a game changer in terms of what he developed with facebook .

>> after a major motion picture , ipo and a presidential town hall .

>> my name is barack obama and i'm the guy who got mark to wear a jacket and tie.

>> there's no question facebook and zuckerberg have secured a place in the 21st century . more than 200 billion connections made through sharing 400 billion photos, 7.8 million messages sent and more than 70 languages. but it's not all thumbs up for the social network . in october, cfo admitted that younger users are spending less time on the site.

>> so we know the thumbs up on facebook , what they were doing ten years ago. what were we doing? matt who didn't have a beard, savannah, beautiful hair as usual. natalie, love the hair then and now. and this is my blurry picture. the only one i could find from ten years ago. i was in vegas. that's all i'll tell you. meanwhile, the big story is what you at home were doing ten years ago. so we asked you go on, like us and show us your picture. change it on your facebook page to what you look like ten years ago. can't