TODAY   |  February 04, 2014

Second snowstorm to slam nation

At the start of a rough and wild week of weather, the second in a line of nasty storms is taking shape this morning, ready to dump snow and ice from Colorado all the way to New England.

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>> let's get to today's top story. another new winter storm impacting tens of millions. schools already closed today across parts of the midwest. al, over to you, my friend.

>> yeah, we are talking about 115 million people affected by this storm when all will be said and done. and it's taking aim on the east coast . and before it gets there, look at this, these watches, warnings and advisories. all the way from the northwest on into new england. we're expecting to see more of that later today . we're going to be looking at this system. the snow area expands. oklahoma, kansas, on into illinois, by early tomorrow morning , it moves into new york. and look at this setup right here. we've got the cold air coming in from the north. heavier snow in upstate new york , warmer air by wednesday afternoon. we're looking for an icy mix. here's what we're expecting. and this, my friends, could be really crippling for our friends in west virginia . an inch or more of ice. that is dangerous. and then snowfall amounts by wednesday afternoon here in the northeast and new england. we expect to see anywhere from 3 to 6 inches of snow. but a very wide swath of about 9 to 12 inches of snow . but look at this, just to the west of boston into eastern pennsylvania, a foot to foot and a half. and this isn't even the worst. we are looking at a winter storm coming on sunday. we're going to show you that coming up, that right now still looks like it could set up to be a classic nor'easter. let's go to queens where they are digging out from under 8 to 10 inches of snow. that's where we find ron mott. ron , good morning.

>> good morning to you. as you just pointed out. the start of what could be a rough and wild week of weather is underway. that's got a lot of folks around here and all over the country saying enough already with winter.

>> reporter: from kentucky to pennsylvania, car wrecks to cars towed, relentless reminders of winter are starting to take their toll on many americans, bracing yet again for an onslaught of snow and ice.

>> i wish it would stop snowing long enough to get down to the airport and get on a flight and get out of here some place warm and sunny.

>> reporter: another winter storm . snow blowers worked overtime monday.

>> you can take this winter, i'm moving.

>> reporter: flights were crippled by the thousands as the mad dash by stranded air passengers to escape coming storms picks up speed in the northeast today.

>> if you wanted to spend more money you could get home.

>> yes, about $400 or $500, yes.

>> reporter: instead, he stayed home after his flight to dallas was canceled. he's booked on a flight this morning. this followed a mild super bowl sunday catching thomas whose nephew earl thomas plays for the seahawks and other visitors to new york off guard.

>> it's crazy. never seen anything like this ever.

>> no, not enjoyable at all.

>> reporter: if you've got flight arrangements for today, be prepared for disruptions because already this morning, nearly 700 flights have been canceled or delayed. that number's only expected to climb throughout the day.

>> ron mott, thank you so much. rough winter so far.