TODAY   |  February 03, 2014

Lisa Vanderpump ‘in trouble’ on ‘Housewives’

Reality star Lisa Vanderpump drops by to talk about her Bravo reality series “Vanderpump Rules” as well as “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” on which she gets into a bit of trouble during the upcoming season.

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>>> she's the well heeled reality star who hailed from london but made beverly hills her stopping grounds.

>> we met lisa vanderpump on the " real housewives of beverly hills " but now she's taken over monday nights on bravo and is dealing with a lot of drama on her staff. take a look.

>> it is so hard for me to be around everyone when it is, like, he has no remorse.

>> he doesn't have any remorse. that's jack.

>> everybody thinks it is okay.

>> i don't think they do. i don't think they think it's okay. everybody gets their day. they might not have the perfect relationship, but it is still a relationship. and jack has no respect for that. nor does chris.

>> we don't know why all these people are at her pool, just standing there, looking at her, but it makes for great tv. hi, lisa .

>> how are you?

>> you have to be good looking to work in your restaurant?

>> it is hollywood. everybody that comes through the door is good looking.

>> they really are.

>> there is blood on the floor sometimes in that restaurant. among the staff and their little spats.

>> for the most part, the drama is outside the restaurant. you've been at the restaurant.

>> de la blanca, which i love. i hear it is love.

>> i don't let this put you off. they have a lot of naughtiness. but it makes for a fun show, i have to say.

>> has it increased business? do people come because they want to see the staff and see you and the rest?

>> i think so, yes. some people are surprised when they actually go into the restaurant and the people are there. they're like, oh, my god, they're actually here. of course they are. so most of them work five, six, seven years.

>> you had a disaster, i hear, the other day and you had to actually go shopping.

>> you did hear about that?

>> not on rodeo drive , but for real stuff, like tomatoes.

>> we ran out of tomatoes. i had to go to the store and fill my cart with tomatoes. i thought, this should be on camera.

>> someone bring lisa our glass.

>> i want to be on that show.

>> yes. that is the best.

>> what about what goes on your other reality show ? because i watched it a bunch of times and you see --

>> housewives.

>> of course.

>> look at the face. i'm in trouble this season, yes.

>> tell us why.

>> i don't know. i'm always blind sided. i think --

>> wait, i'm getting you some wine. it is very important. here you go. what did you do that was so bad? what did you do?

>> i don't know yet. i suppose i'll find out when you do.

>> which means tune in.

>> are we allowed first thing in the morning? cheers.

>> okay.

>> you know what, housewives, it is a different kind of scenario. i always feel like in housewives i'm a statue. what are you doing?

>> put this down.

>> has to have milk in it. look what you've done just because you were lusting after somebody's wine.

>> i was lusting. here we are.

>> here we are having tea. what else would you like to promote in the next 30 seconds?

>> nobody comes just to see us. there is a reason for it.

>> i'm here because i love you, darling.

>> we love you too. when we come out, we'll come to your --

>> good luck with both shows, not that you need it. the ratings are terrific.

>> tonight it really naughty but fun. it kicks off things. final episode of "vanderpump rules".

>> thank you. you can catch "the real housewives of beverly hills " at 8:00, 7:00 central followed by "vanderpump rules."