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TODAY   |  February 03, 2014

Hoda gives KLG a throwback photo from Regis

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb chat about Sunday’s big game and the annual Super Bowl party that KLG and Frank Gifford throw. Kathie Lee’s former co-star Regis Philbin attended and gave Hoda a special photo to share on-air today.

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>> hi, everybody. well, it is a fun day monday inside this nice warm studio, february 3rd , but it ain't so fun outside studio 1a .

>> wait a minute, yesterday, yesterday i didn't even have on -- i had on like a vest jacket. 50 degrees. today, look at everybody out there.

>> dag gone punxsutawney phil , right? he said there would be six more weeks of winter. i didn't know tomorrow. wow. thanks a lot.

>> we got a good, nice show today. tough things to talk about, good things.

>> yes, we do.

>> we have lisa vanderpump is here with us.

>> because she --

>> because she can be and she's here and we're grateful she made it through the snow.

>> we are.

>> you had a good weekend, a busy one.

>> very nice weekend. we had our moms here, cooking on friday. and then my mom and i went to florida for a little sun and then came back and your house for the super bowl --

>> yes, well, hoda -- i hope you enjoyed it, because it is the last time. it really is. i figured we had 28 super bowl parties now. 27 because we actually did one together when i sang and frank called it. 27 is enough.

>> at your house, by the way, you know how to put something together.

>> not last night.

>> the kids.

>> thank you for everybody that rescued me. here's the thing. i thought we would have a small, small, small. i get lots of help with it. andy does all of that for us at the house. andy. the broncos were in the game. he's from colorado. we had to go to the game, right? we were -- we didn't have as much and then i thought we'll be okay. and then you start adding people. the strays start coming who don't have a place -- before we knew it, you weren't -- 20 people were there. we're trying bustling around, trying to get everything ready and when all of a sudden, one thousand, about a thousand geese this tall landed on our back lawn. i don't know where the heck they heard about the storm, i guess. they were landing -- and our dog that's what lola does, she goes out and gets them off the lawn, well, i can't believe the flutter of wings. and the amount of turdlets that wept flying when the geese went flying in somebody else's yard. well, lola decided to -- the dogs wanted to roll around in it, half an hour before everybody is coming. you think you have trouble.

>> i was early.

>> hoda --

>> you knew i was in trouble too.

>> you had a look.

>> i was like --

>> you're not having it.

>> we're not ready.

>> regis was there.

>> regis was give you quite the time.

>> he was. but he -- there is regis and joy. he thought it was video. i was like stop talking. it is a picture. then he said, i've got to give you something and you must show it on the air. i go, what? i'm cleaning my office, don't tell kathie, just show it and don't say anything.

>> he's a troublemaker.

>> there are two people here with you and go.

>> throwback thursday.

>> oh, it is gelman and me and frank.

>> yes.

>> look.

>> he wanted it up.

>> he said your head would spin off. why is it spinning?

>> regardless of what you heard, i got along fine with gelman, 15 years. come on.

>> that was a fun day.

>> and i have one of you. we showed them all. no, i showed you -- i have one with you and bambino.

>> oh.

>> it was a blowout. what a bad --

>> when the very, very first play of the game happens, and, you know, peyton was like, hike, he didn't say omaha, the ball went flying and it was a safety. and when you start off the game with an oh -- it was like, you sort of knew. it reminds me of what -- you know when you start off your day and it is crummy. i was walking my dog and fell down on the ice a couple of weeks ago. and you already know that that day is going to be crummy.

>> you want to say, really? is that the way we start.

>> you can't unring the bell. sometimes bad things keep happening. that's what happened.

>> i know. there is always somebody that wins and somebody that loses, it is hard for people that are diehard fans to keep things in perspective. but our dave won the pool around here.

>> i forgot to give my 100 bucks. and then they said, you left, you forgot -- they had to put somebody else in the pool. you know who they put in? dave . and dave won 400 bucks. davie, good for you.

>> we're happy for all you winners out there.

>> seattle did really, really well.

>> i'm happy for them. first time they won the super bowl . just great. because you know what, spread the wealth a little bit. beautiful talent, beautiful people . okay, good for them. on a sad note --

>> what a shock.

>> turned on the news, caught up on what's going on and to find out that philip seymour hoffman had been found on his bathroom floor in his apartment in the west village and gone. couldn't resuscitate him. they are alleging -- because there is no tomology reports.

>> the autopsy is coming and a lot of papers are reporting there were needles and drugles found. i was surprised he was 46. i didn't realize -- i feel like he's been around for a long time, so many different movies.

>> such a character movie. he would never do anything to change his face to look younger. he was all about the roles he would play so he could disappear into them. i think he struggled with addiction since his early 20s. so that takes a huge toll on you.

>> to find -- i sort of vaguely knew he had children. i wasn't sure. but to come to find out he had three kids, all young.

>> very private guy.

>> right. and he was -- he had a long time girlfriend, i guess.

>> also alleging they had recently broken up and don't know if that what sent him into a tail spin . but, you know what, look at the -- how many oscars, won the oscar for "capote," nominated many times, revered. i think he won a tony maybe or was nominated for his work en broadway. he's -- he was a magnificent talent. but by all accounts loved his kids.

>> pictures of him with his kids out and around.

>> so many people think if they could just get fame, if they could just get money, just get that kind of respect, but it is not about that.

>> he was battling demons through a lot of his life.

>> we send our love to his family.

>> definitely. for the game, you were watching the game, people watched for the commercials. one thing was interesting. joe namath came out. so wild.

>> some things never change.

>> they call him hollywood joe. broadway joe .

>> broadway joe .

>> broadway joe . he was wearing that big fur. and he wore that in the '70s. he wore it again.

>> lock at him back then.

>> that's a different -- that's a puffier one.

>> but still, the same family.

>> yeah. yeah.

>> i'm surprised peta let him get away with that, you know?

>> who knows?

>> broadway joe , don't you think it's real? i shouldn't say, but i don't think he's going to let anybody tell him what to do.

>> the commercial, everybody gets geared up for the commercials. this year i felt like i knew them.

>> they're giving away too much. like the trailers in the movies, too much, no excitement anymore.

>> even in a couple of the papers, they would tell you which commercial was playing when.

>> i guess if you wanted to see a particular one -- hodi is not happy.

>> i like to be surprised. seinfeld one was a surprise.

>> there were rumors.

>> rumors they thought were they shooting a reunion show, what were they doing? they were shooting a 90 second spot.

>> 12 million bucks.

>> it was a promo for his web series . let's take a look.

>> i got invited to the wassersteins.

>> so, we could have both gone again.

>> the wassersteins don't like you because two years ago, you overcheered and you ruined the whole party.

>> it was giants. what was i supposed to do? i cheered.

>> the constant pounding on the coffee table. pounding, pounding, pounding.

>> was there anything else?

>> yes, you availed yourself of the toilet in their master bedroom .

>> you know why.

>> well, i know why. everyone knew why. but you don't do it.

>> hello, newman .

>> hello, jerry. the wassersteins went a bit savory this year so i had to make a quick danish run. come on, seahawks! come on!

>> fun to see them again, though. it is fun.

>> i know.

>> hello, newman .

>> newman hasn't changed one bit.

>> no. and what are you saying? that the other two have?

>> a little bit more than newman is what i'm saying. tim tebow was also the star of one of the commercials.

>> i didn't see this one.

>> let's take a look.

>> here, everyone thinks i wouldn't a contract, but without one, i've done so much this year year.

>> hut!

>> without a contract, i've tackled the unknown.

>> gotcha.

>> i've answered tough questions.

>> save the whales, we can talk to animals and we can bring world peace .

>> good for him.

>> he's a wonderful guy. he's a great role model for young people . he has been beaten up and battered by the press. and --

>> also elevated.

>> yeah, i'm happy for him. if you can laugh at yourself, people laugh with you. i'm happy for him, hoda. favorite things?

>> yes, mine, i don't physically have it. but so delicious. they are called honey bell oranges. when i was in florida, they're only good for a certain window.

>> oh, yes.

>> when you cut them --

>> the belly button things on them.

>> you have to eat them over the sink because there is so much juice spilling out. delicious. i wish i brought some back. we tossed them all.

>> this is the week of the 50th anniversary of the beatles coming to america . and i think there as popular or more. what an amazing accomplishment. so long time good guy and phenomenal photographer harry benson chronicles them -- he was the first, he was there at the very beginning in 1964 . he has a brand-new book called harry benson 's "the beatles on the road" 1964 through '66. i hear it is $47 at, which is hard to believe. but tell them hoda said on the air, if it is not true, that it's $47. that's a great, great, great coffee table book.

>> all right. so we are now going to announce our everyone has a story. everyone has a moment

>> please, hoda.

>> you're singing. i love this.

>> all right. our winner this week is lisa yue from new jersey. by the way, congratulations to queen latifah and renee fleming for their beautiful renditions last night. okay. this lovely lady -- this is a sad story and a triumphant one too. they lost two children to a deadly heart disease called hyperthropic cardiomyopathy where the blood can no longer pump blood through the body. she had to help others dealing with the same disease. she started a foundation in 2002 to help fund research and awareness about the disease. she, lisa and her husband, eddie, now have four beautiful children. but the gorgeous thing about this, still continuing the fight for others who are battling this disease. we have them.

>> how are you?

>> hi, lisa .

>> so nice to meet you, kathie lee and hoda. i'm so touched by what you just said.

>> we get these letters and they all move us, but when i see that somebody has gone through something just so incredibly painful, but they use it to alleviate the pain in other people's lives, it is just -- we have to tell your story. we're delighted that you're going to come see us.

>> we're so excited and i'm so glad that you're interested in my story and we have a chance to share it with others.

>> you wrote a beautiful story about how love endures and norm lewis and capacity jenkins