TODAY   |  February 03, 2014

When is the best time of day to see your doctor?

Experts join TODAY in a new series to share tips on when to schedule a doctor’s appointment, buy airline tickets, and have a serious relationship talk. Dr. Evelyn Minaya, an OB-GYN, suggests you see your doctor at 9 a.m., when he or she will be most alert, and when waits are shortest.

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>>> well, there are four words you rarely want to hear from your partner or your spouse. we have to talk.

>> and you want things to go your way, timing is everything, here with the best and worst hours of the day to do things is an obgyn, and a retail analyst and a relationship expert. good morning to everybody.

>> good morning.

>> good morning.

>> let's start off. making a doctors appointment. best time of the day to schedule to get that in and out.

>> best time, 9:00 a.m . we're fresh, we probably don't have anybody that's really waiting for us or anything else. it's the best time.

>> worst time of the day?

>> 4:00 p.m ., between the emergencies and phone calls and everything else like that, you'll be delayed an hour.

>> backup. so let's talk about food next and the best time for your guilty pleasure food.

>> you know what i'm talking about, cookies, cake.

>> yeah, exactly.

>> the pretzels, whatever. at 3:00 p.m ., it's the best time, you get to burn off those calories and get energy for the end of the day .

>> worst time nighttime?

>> yes, especially 9:00 p.m . you're never going to burn off those calories and you know where it's going to go.

>> why do you keep looking at me?

>> i'm absolutely not.

>> no bowl of ice cream at 9:00 p.m .

>> okay. as a retail analyst, best time of the day to make a return at a store.

>> right. so right after you go to the doctor, you need to go over to the store and make your return. and the reason why is because sales staff are fresh there. they're new. they are the best sale staff are usually staffed in the morning. and they can attend to you and your needs with the return.

>> worst time of day i'm guessing later in the day.

>> that would be 3:00 p.m ., after lunch. stores are crowded with browsers, store salespeople are really fatigued, they want to get off their shifts. and their shifts are changing.

>> okay. best time to buy an airline ticket . you say get up half hour earlier before wake up with al starts at 5:30.

>> you're obviously up for "wake up with al," you want to get up earlier, the reason why, 5:00 a.m ., the reason why, a lot of those discount tickets are happening, being bought on monday evening. they have 24 hours until those discount tickets flood the market. when the people that don't buy the discount tickets, those flood the market, that happens at 12:00 a.m . i'm not going to ask you to get up at 12:00 a.m . but if you get up between 12:00 and 5:00, or half an hour before "wake up with al," you're golden.

>> worst time?

>> 6:00 p.m . on a friday. people come home, they want to go and look for tickets for vacation.

>> especially weather like this.

>> exactly.

>> best time to have that talk.

>> that talk.

>> the we need to talk talk . i'm going to say 9:00 p.m ., end of the evening, kids are asleep, you've had a good meal, some wine. but listen, when you tell your partner, hey, can i talk to you? you get hijacked. i'm also going to say send an earlier e-mail that day with an agenda. let your spouse yell about the in-laws coming to his computer screen so that by the time he gets home, he can have a rational conversation.

>> the worst time?

>> i would say 5:00, 6:00, right when somebody's walking through the door. everybody wants that person's attention. kids, dog, you've been thinking all day. there needs to be a transition in.

>> and best and worst times when asking for a raise?

>> best time, after lunch, 1:00, 1:30 in the afternoon. there was a study shown with judges, they gave people parole most of the times after a meal. if prisoners can get parole after a meal, you can get a raise.

>> is it like your last meal?

>> well, hopefully it's your first of many good meals.

>> i'm guessing 5:00 p.m . friday probably the worst time.

>> nobody wants to get to the boss at 5:00 on friday.

>> and you're going to be here wednesday with the same