TODAY   |  February 03, 2014

Viral video helps mom realize Broadway dream

As part of TODAY’s “Wishing Well” series, a single mom will travel to New York City to see “Motown: The Musical.” She caught the attention of TODAY after her daughters posted a video of her crying when they told her they were taking her to the show.

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>>> and ask us how they can pay it forward, make a difference in the lives of people they see here on "today." that inspired us to kick off a special series in february.

>> our goal is to find inspirational folks to have their dream come true .

>> one came from pamela who wrote, i would love to nominate a stranger. a youtube video went viral after christmas of a daughter surprising her mom with a ticket to see motown , the musical. and as much as we are all moved by this amazing family portrait , hardworking mother who couldn't afford to purchase a ticket for a broadway show , her dream, well, it really hit me she could not even afford a plane ticket to get to new york city . i also have no idea how she will afford to stay at a hotel for this time. we in the broadway community are touched beyond words. we all know what it is like to dream about broadway and to have your dreams come true. so please help to make this dream a reality again. that from an actress named pamela . this is the video that pamela sent us. take a look.

>> forcing you to go on vacation.

>> okay. on vacation? look in there.

>> this is your ticket. motown the musical!

>> " motown ." oh --

>> and apparently, she cried all night long. so joining us from alabama. good morning to all of you.

>> good morning.

>> good morning.

>> hi!

>> hi!

>> you have the best reaction to that. what did this mean to you for your daughters to give you a ticket to see " motown " the musical?

>> well, it means everything. i've always loved motown , i love the songs, they never go out of style. and it'll be great to go to new york city .

>> and i know you wrote that your mom gives so much of herself. she's a nurse, she's always been taking care of other people, including you girls. how did you know motown would be the perfect gift?

>> well, she's been talking about it forever. all yearlong. all yearlong, i would catch her, you know, watching videos or going to their website. so around october/november, you know, i concocted an idea of buying a ticket without her knowing about it. and i talked to my sister about it. and i decided to just go for it, you know. i couldn't even buy a ticket for myself because i would love to go. but it was so important for me to just have her go. and the reaction just made it all worth it.

>> you call your mom a super hero , a woman of steel, why does she deserve those names?

>> well, throughout our whole lives, we never seen our mom stop. being a single mom and going through a lot of changes financially, emotionally, physically. you know, moving all the time. it was -- it's been rough our whole lives, but she's never ever stopped. we've never seen her take a break, go on vacation. you know, look out for yourself a little bit. she always puts us first. we figured this would be the perfect gift.

>> how does it feel hearing your daughters describe you in this way and talk about you in this way?

>> it's surreal. it is surreal because they're my shining stars . they're my great investment. so to see them sit where they are and be who they are, the beautiful persons they are. it makes me happy.

>> where do you ladies graduate from college?

>> yes. both of us graduated from college. i graduated in 2009 from auburn university with a degree in english. and --

>> and i graduated from duke university in 2012 where i studied public policy and theater.

>> you ladies are amazing. let's get to it. this is part of a series called "today wishing well ." while you have the ticket, you don't have the transportation, you don't have the hotel. there's some needs to make this dream come to reality. so we're going to let our viewers come up with some ideas about how to make this happen. so, ladies, we're going to speak with you later in the week. okay?

>> okay.

>> all right.

>> okay.

>> stay tuned.

>> okay. thank you.

>> okay. now we return to the viewers if you have ideas on how to turn this into a once in a lifetime experience, send them to we're talking something really special here in new york. and we know our viewers love to --

>> they look like the supremes. they're so cute.

>> yeah.

>> this could be a real dream girls .