TODAY   |  February 03, 2014

Woman who quit job in GoDaddy ad: Boss was stunned

Gwen, the 36-year-old woman who quit her job as a machine engineer in GoDaddy’s Super Bowl commercial, speaks out about her choice to resign her job in such a public fashion, saying her boss texted her after it aired and said “great commercial!”

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>> morning. twitter tells us the super bowl generated about 25 million tweets. one of the most talked about commercials online, featured a woman who shook up social media with two words for her boss, "i quit." here's the ad.

>> let's talk about the people who choose to pursue them, like gwen a machine engineer from new york. she's a real person with a real dream of starting her very own business. and she's got a message for her boss ted who is watching the game right now.

>> hi, ted, i quit.

>> she just quit her job.

>> yep.

>> in front of 100 million people.

>> yeah, baby.

>> build your dream online at godaddy. it's go time.

>> gwyneth is with us right now. what did ted say? you told ted and what did you hear back from him?

>> well, i got a text message . and it was epic. it was, you've got to be kidding. wow. you know, great commercial. he was stunned and he was laughing, laughing.

>> so he took it well?

>> yeah. super cool . ted's super cool .

>> you have a new line of work. i think we're looking at it.

>> yeah.

>> it's not that you didn't like your other job, you wanted to pursue your dreams.

>> yes. i had been an engineer for 18 years. and i somehow finally convinced my father these are completely translatable skills to puppetry. trust me, dad.

>> who is this?

>> mr. frank.

>> bad news, mr. frank's quitting next year.

>> oh, my goodness.

>> well, good luck to you. and you got a lot of publicity.

>> well, i wouldn't be able to do it without

>> good luck to you. good luck. and that's what's trending "today."