TODAY   |  February 03, 2014

Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad scores big

USA Today ranked the game’s top commercials, and the Budweiser “Puppy Love” ad took the number one spot.  Laura Petrecca, the newspaper’s business reporter, tells TODAY that the ad offered “great American imagery.” Matt Miller, president of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers, liked the Doritos ad’s “slapstick humor.”

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>> usa today ranks which commercials are the favorite, right?

>> yes, we have 0 to 10 score, and they do a list of likability.

>> before we do the top five, matt, what do you think of this year's, the whole bunch of them.

>> i think there were bright moments. i think the industry right now is in a transition mode dealing with the pre-release teasers, the focus all over the internet and trying to get the buzz going. we're seeing bright moments, but we also saw some people not really hit it.

>> let's do the bright moments. the top five countdown, here's number five, of course, which was the radioshack commercial. take a look.

>> what?

>> the '80s called. they want their store back.

>> really cute commercial. this is one that actually uses humor and it worked.

>> the outdated image, great iconic images, the california raisins , lots of folks from the '80s in there.

>> and goes to the message it's trying to get across. i think, oh, it's cute, what are they advertising?

>> to me, this is the winner. clean, smart, got the message across and did it with fun.

>> number four, doritos , they always seem to knock it out of the park. this first one on the list is the time machine. and doritos did something different. they encouraged consumers to generate ideas.

>> well, this is the tenth year they've done the super bowl . i find these, they're caricatures of ads, but they're fun and slapstick humor . and while we lost a little of that this year, these are the moments we got. i think it's no doubt that it rose to the top.

>> we have a lot of sentimental sentimentality this year. here's a look.

>> come here. i miss you.

>> feels really good to be back.

>> budweiser says this is a real person. it really provoked the emotions, really tugged on heart strings.

>> the simplicity is what made it stand out. real people walking home from their neighborhood. it's just a great ad.

>> are we seeing more of this, matt, with advertisers, instead of going for the cheap laughs, they're going for that emotional ring.

>> no doubt. we saw a lot of the americana and the heartstrings being pulled and we saw some of that. but really well done and well executed in many cases.

>> all right. let's do number two and doritos strikes again. we've got the cowboy kid . really cute, a little guy who seems to like a bag of doritos .

>> i think it ties in with super bowl competition. you've got brothers competing and the ending is great because the younger brother bests the older brother.

>> finally, we have anheuser busch commercial taking the top honors. let's take a look. you only need the light when it's burning low only miss the sun when it starts to snow

>> we've got horses, puppies, america. right?

>> and the pre-release, we debuted, premiered it here last week on wednesday. and all the way right through the games, 35 million people saw this beforehand. no surprise it's on top. it does so well, which is americana.

>> you were saying this is a triple threat . cute advertising, animals in there, american imagery and you've also got a great song in there. elements that knock it out of the park.

>> they got the number one spot. thank you so much. always good to get your perspective. appreciate it. see you next year.