TODAY   |  February 03, 2014

Hollywood honors, mourns Philip Seymour Hoffman

The acclaimed actor, who was found dead in his New York City apartment on Sunday, was honored by many in Hollywood who took to social media to share their tributes.

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>> the death of philip seymour hoffman is the talk online this morning. and in the aftermath, everybody wanted to offer their condolences.

>> absolutely. and it's heartbreaking when you hear the details. a lot of his friends released statements, but others who admire him in the acting world actually went to social media . in fact, listen to this number. 8,600 tweets per minute referencing philip seymour hoffman . that's incredible as the word spread of his passing. justin timberlake , just one of those who released something on twitter. said, just hearing about philip seymour hoffman devastating. what an amazingly gifted actor, rest in peace. gabby sidibe said, my heart goes out to his family. i'm thankful for his art, rest in peace. and the great susan sarandon says i can't believe he's gone. huge loss, my deepest sympathy for his wife and children. and, of course, we know this opens the conversation about substance abuse and the struggle to beat back some of these demons. and i think a lot of people are discussing that to be honest with you. back to you guys.