TODAY   |  February 03, 2014

Sochi scrambles to make last-minute preparations

With the Olympic Games just four days away, officials in Russia are scrambling to wrap up preparations at various venues. Many hotels are still being furnished. Between $5 billion and $6 billion has been spent to ensure the safety of the games. TODAY’s Matt Lauer reports.

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>> as we said, it does highlight the security concerns here in sochi as the games are set to begin. athletes are now arriving, fans are arriving. journalists are also arriving. and the big question remains, is this region ready? the mountains blanketed in snow and inviting members of team usa who have never touched down in sochi .

>> i've never been to russia. this is my first day on the mountain and there's so much powder.

>> reporter: with a $50 billion price tag, the most expensive games in history. but there are indications that not all of sochi is ready for its closeup. there are 41,000 hotel rooms here, almost all of them brand new. so new, in fact, many are still without furniture. it continues to arrive. a frenzy of activity still ongoing in olympic park and surrounding roads. some olympians and spectators may never actually see the town of sochi , warned to stay away as security concerns linger. behind me is the main security check point to get in and out. there are several of them, but that's the main one. if you drive there with a vehicle, you get out of the car. the car is checked from top to bottom. they open the doors, the trunk, the engine compartment. they look inside it all. take mirrors and go underneath the car looking for any explosive device or anything that might be attached to the undercarriage of the vehicle. the people go into a separate building, you put your credentials in a scanner to make sure you're legitimate. you're then sent through a metal detector and patted down. they not only check your credentials coming into the park, but going out, as well.

>> reporter: between $5 billion and $6 billion has been spent to ensure the safety of these games.

>> some of the security precautions you might not notice. i'm in a grassy field in the middle of olympic park and the manhole covers have been foamed and glued closed. not just one, but every single one. to make sure nobody can open them up and hide something inside. the ioc promises despite last-minute glitches, the games are in good hands.

>> they will put on a great show.

>> reporter: 25,000 volunteers have been trained to help make sure that happens. state of the art venues are ready and so are the athletes who begun to train here.

>> and just be in the olympic spirit again.

>> i mentioned the athletes had begun to train here. they've begun to arrive here. we've got some members of the women's bobsled team, men's bobsled team, they're all here on the plaza with us in sochi . we're going to get to talk to them in a little while. but right now, savannah, back to you in new york.