TODAY   |  February 02, 2014

Old friends stop by for Seth Meyers’ last ‘SNL’

After 12 years on “Saturday Night Live,” Seth Meyers made his last appearance as a cast member and anchor of the popular “Weekend Update” segment. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>> seth meyer fan favorite saying farewell last night.

>> here is the deal. after 12 years on the show as a writer and cast member , seth meyers sat in the weekend update anchor chair for the very last time.

>> reporter: seth meyers is moving on, bidding farewell to his "saturday night live" family.

>> was that your last joke?

>> yeah, it was.

>> reporter: myers joined "snl" in 2001 as a writer, departs as the second longest running cast member in the show's history.

>> before he was in the anchor chair he wasn't really somebody who stood ouchlt he never had any big memorable characters. in the anchor chair he was able to be himself, the seth that we know and love.

>> thank you for coming, big bird .

>> thanks for having me.

>> reporter: he hopes to follow in the food steps of predecesso predecessors, tina fey , amy bowl bowler. myers' skit and news desk attracted guests from all walks of life.

>> it was twinkie talk, i thought everybody forgot about me.

>> reporter: producing some of late night television 's most unforgettable moments. as he prepares to take over the late night franchise later this month, expectations are high.

>> i think it will be slightly different.

>> i just want to thank the crew and the cast and especially the writers and loren.

>> for weekend update good night.

>> meanwhile, " late night with seth meyers " premiers monday, february 24th . collin jay yostanto who is taking over , right now it's our last show with seth meyers . one of the best writers and one of my favorite people of all time. lauren masterson, i have a seth meyers hole in my heart . this sleeve of oreos -- . on facebook, valerie says she'll miss everything about seth . i look forward to seeing him every night instead of just saturdays, good luck seth . this is easy. he is such an incredible run. so fun to watch him. now he's on to bigger, maybe not better, bigger more fun things we'll watch. february 24th , the debut of his new show.

>> so much excitement with jimmy's new show and seth 's new show.

>> maybe if we stand pa thet cli long enough they'll let us in.

>> tickets, really? you have a