TODAY   |  February 02, 2014

In countdown to kickoff, Super Bowl party in full swing

The teams are set, the weather has cooperated and now it's up to the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks to crown the champion. NBC’s Ron Mott reports.

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>> let's begin with the countdown to kickoff super bowl xlviii . fans starting to gather. thousands of law enforcement officials are already out patrolling new york and new jersey, and the seattle seahawks and denver broncos are saying their last hail marys. ron mott is at metlife stadium in east rutherford , new jersey. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning to you. a little morning fog has rolled in. should burn off in no time. suffice it to say, america's biggest sporting spectacle is finally here. some 80,000 people will jam into metlife stadium to watch history in the making and a wee bit more watching on tv. with countdown to kickoff about ten hours away, the party is in full swing. while there were concerns about the weather for super bowl xlviii , the league's first outdoor title game in a cold weather city, game time temps are expected to be comfortably in the 40s. the fans are ap plenty around time, so, too, are fans who came up short. like shaggy's new york giants. who is going to win tonight?

>> come on. seattle!

>> reporter: who are you going for?

>> broncos.

>> reporter: in times square even the nfl commissioner found super bowl boulevard too tempting to pass out.

>> now we can start focusing on the football game . we have classic game tomorrow.

>> reporter: for those at homes, the game will be embraced with its flavful glory, paired with the 15,000 tons of chips are expected to down today on super sunday. a tv audience of more than 100 million. security for the big game is tight and quite visible, just like those much-anticipated $4 million 30-second commercials. for new york and new jersey businesses hoping to cash in, the super bowl may not be the touchdown many are hoping for. interest in the game may be high, but ticket prices aren't soaring as much as once predicted. hotels are sleepier than expected and the bottom line will be thinner than dreamed.

>> we'll get what we get and embrace what's going on.

>> reporter: now the only unfinished business left is to settle the score on the field. now, the denver broncos are going for their third super bowl crown. last night peyton manning won his fifth nfl mvp award , tonight he has his eyes on a bigger prize. for the seattle seahawks , this could be their first super bowl title.

>> ron mott, thanks.

>>> we know at this point