TODAY   |  February 01, 2014

Security at top of mind before Super Bowl

There are several layers of security to make sure the Super Bowl is safe for everyone, and some of the measures include metal and radiation detectors, as well as strict rules about tailgating. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>>> that, thousands of law enforcement officials are already out in force protecting the city and metlife stadium on the eve of the big game . katy tur is live along super bowl boulevard, as it's known, in times square with more on what you will notice and what you won't. katy , good morning.

>> reporter: hey, lester. quite a bit you won't notice, and some of that is the most sophisticated stuff, including things like this. it's a pocket radiation detector . new jersey, new york officials and the fbi have thousands of them across the tri-state area, just one of the many tools they have at their disposal. super bowl weekend is here, and security is taking center stage . helicopters circling the air space , cops monitoring the ground and boats patrolling the mar marshland, all this in place to stop something before it can happen.

>> so, we will be using all night vision capabilities, infrared capabilities, both in the water, in the air and on the ground.

>> reporter: and that is just metlife stadium in new jersey. across the river in new york in times square , redubbed super bowl boulevard, the fbi is just one of the many agencies with mobile command units scattered across the city. after all, this is an area that knows a thing or two about big events.

>> we had new year's eve recently, we had the marathon, we had the u.s. tennis open , all large events. this is a challenge in that it's a long event over a long period of time, it's a very porous area, but more importantly, we have 37 other distinct events, so it's not just super bowl boulevard.

>> reporter: on friday, the systems were tested as police in new jersey and new york investigated suspicious letters containing a white powder sent to seven different locations, including area hotels. but early tests showed the substances were not hazardous and the fbi says concerns are low. meanwhile, at the nypd's headquarters, surveillance with the intelligence that can detect unusual behavior and spot suspicious packages in realtime. two states and more than 100 different agencies, all working together to make sure the focus stays on the games. and if you are going to the game, it will be like airport-style security. you'll be going through metal detectors , pat-downs. can't bring in backpacks, purses or banners. all you'll be able to do is bring a clear plastic bag. also, guys, most disappointingly, no tailgating. lester?

>> wow! that's kind of a tradition.

>> that is a bummer.

>> yeah. all right, katy tur,