TODAY   |  January 31, 2014

Professional world traveler: ‘It’s the perfect job’

He may just have the greatest job in the world. Tyson Mayr, who is getting paid $100,000 to travel the world for a year by Jauntaroo to help with charity efforts, tells TODAY it is “the perfect job.”

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>>> imagine this for just a moment, if you will -- getting $100,000 to travel the world for a year and blogging about your adventures. that is the life for a los angeles -based you a aussie. just named chief world explorer. so great to meet you. how did you get this gig?

>> i was one of the very lucky contestants. i think there were 3,000 people from around the world who actually entered this. i've been traveling for four years myself and doing this job before i actually applied so --

>> are there any strings attached to this? it seems too good to be true. $100,000 to travel the world.

>> i mean it is absolutely the perfect job, isn't it?

>> but you are doing a lot of volunteer work along the way.

>> that's the thing we actually represent. they actually give money back for every booking through their website, money goes back towards charity.

>> you love travel. where are some of the more memorable places you've gone?

>> of i've actually just returned from uganda where we went with 100 water filters , from school to school, different villages and orphanages installing these water filters .

>> do you have any idea where are you headed next?

>> i think it is in six to eight weeks and i think decided on the caribbean. tough.

>> how do you pack for a trip like that, going around the world for a year?

>> you know what? i haven't even thought about it. i was told the news yesterday so i'm still just --

>> you're good at that. you've been doing it for a