TODAY   |  January 31, 2014

Going to Sochi? Don’t forget a roll of toilet paper

Soviet Union-born comedian Yakov Smirnoff stops by TODAY to present some items that he believes will be essential when traveling to Sochi, Russia, for the Olympic Winter Games, including a roll of toilet paper.

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>>> let's take a turn, as we may or may not have mentioned, the winter olympics begin next week. did you know?

>> i read an article about that.

>> well, guess what? i read you're leaving today.

>> i am. i am.

>> so we wanted to send you off in style and so we thought --

>> i thought that was the cheerleader thing.

>> no, no, no.

>> not so much.

>> that was one parting gift . here's the next part. we are going to an export here. a russian born entertainer yakov smirnoff is here.

>> good to see you.

>> how are you?

>> good to see you.

>> nice to see you all.

>> you bear gifts?

>> yes. on a mission actually to give them some things to take to russia . sochi. number one thing to take --

>> do they not have toilet paper ?

>> well, it's really soft one. and it's important because in russia it is kind of industrial strength . and the reason they did that, because they build one factory for toilet paper , one factory for roof shingles.

>> good to know.

>> let me tell you why you need two rolls. because, security is really very big in russia right now and they don't want you to have any problems. so they don't want you to go anywhere by yourself. anywhere. so, they have this --

>> there's matt and his bodyguard for the other one.

>> the bodyguard and your interpreter. nothing makes friends better than --

>> because al and i always do a buddy story. that's going to work out great. thank you.

>> the other thing you need is russian-english dictionary because some words are confusing. like the word yep. yep in english means yes. in russian it means to be intimate. no kidding.

>> yep.

>> good piece of advice.

>> hey, matt. we going to the bathroom ?

>> yep.

>> when americans say yes, not yep. there is a short picture of man in russia . he'll never get out. another thing, you need a bic lighter just in case the torch goes out. and, last, but not least, sunscreen. nobody's expecting this but right now in sochi, it is 52 degrees. so only in russia would they take the warmest place to have winter olympics and only in america they would pick the coldest place to have super bowl . so here in new jersey they're going to be using snowmobiles and in russia the ski jump will be pulled by a boat.

>> we got 30 seconds. you got anything else in there?

>> yes. germ-x.

>> i have lots of that already.

>> industrial-size, too.

>> it kills 99% of germs, except 1%. and that is -- those are the germs that are in russia .

>> yakov, thank you very much. appreciate it.

>> great to have you here.