TODAY   |  January 31, 2014

Super Bowl team mayors bet on the big game

The mayors of Denver and Seattle make a friendly Super Bowl wager on the TODAY plaza: they agree that the losing city’s mayor will visit the winner’s city for a day of service for the AmeriCorps.

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>> we got a little piece of these cities right here. we have the fans on the plaza and we have the ed murray , the mayor of seattle , washington, and michael hancock , who is the mayor of denver , colorado. gentlemen, good morning to you. first of all, we've got your fans up early. they are so excited. mayors, we'll give you a chance to address your town, give them a little pep talk . we had a coin talk. seattle , you'll go first. what do you want to say to your fans watching right now?

>> we're going to win. right? we're going to win. the seahawks are going to win. seattle 's going to take it, right?

>> you beg to differ , mr. mayor?

>> oh, absolutely. you know, we all do a lot of talking in denver. this is how we do it. just get out there and get it done. omaha omaha, let's go broncos!

>> it is traditional. why don't you two come together here at the 50 yard line. it is traditional that mayors of the two super bowl cities to make a little friendly wager. so can you tell us what you guys have selected?

>> well, we have decided to add service as part of the effort. we're going to join the amare amer corp. in both of our cities. the losing city has to visit the winning city. the losing city wins the winning city's mayor -- when the denver broncos , you'll come join me for a day of service.

>> when the seahawks win this, you'll come to seattle .

>> you want to give us a final score?

>> it's going to be 24-14 seahawks .

>> i love mayor murray but i'm going to tell you something. this won't even be close. 38-17.

>> smack talk!

>> smack!

>> you guys want to duke it out?

>> seattle and denver mayors. gentlemen, thank you so much. thank you, mr. mayor. thanks so much, mr. mayor.