TODAY   |  January 31, 2014

Brew-haha: FAA says drones can’t deliver beer

After the Lakemaid Beer company depicted a drone delivering their brew to ice fishing huts in a commercial, the FAA came calling, telling them it violated their law prohibiting drones from delivering consumer goods.

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>>> morning, what if you had had a major -- we're talking major -- major emergency during your big party this weekend. what if you -- ran out of beer?

>> no!

>> what?

>> i'll just put it out there. one minnesota businessman apparently has a possible solution introducing the beer drone. you can have the cold stuff delivered right to your door. lake made beer company president jack supple says he was inspired by amazon's delivery drones. he strapped this 12-pack to a device, sent it off, not to studio 1a , unfortunately, but it has caused quite a brouhaha because apparently the faa bans drones for use on commercial sales.

>> 12-packs are heavy.

>> i'm going to say my address outloud right now. come to my house, drone.

>> look at how fast the drone --

>> it only hold like a 12-pack. that's the problem. they need a stronger drone, like a hulk drone that can hold a keg.

>> how much does a 12-pack weigh?

>> not you to normally pass over brouhaha so quickly.