TODAY   |  January 31, 2014

It’s confirmed! ‘Seinfeld’ reunion in works

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has confirmed that a “Seinfeld” reunion is actually happening after a photo of him and Jason Alexander was taken outside Tom’s Restaurant, site of many episodes of the classic sitcom.

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>>> rumors apparently are true. it turns out there is something to the rumor concerning the show about nothing. jerry seinfeld starting to take the wraps off a secret project. many fans figured it was a seinfeld reunion. after that photo right there surfaced about a month ago, you can see jerry and jason alexander , aka george c kchltaka george co stanza.

>> jerry let it slip during an interview with a radio station wfan.

>> were there any seinfeld characters involved?

>> yes, there were. you want to hear if larry david was involved?

>> was he involved?

>> he was involved.

>> was he on camera?

>> no.

>> the rest is kind of yadda, yadda, yadda. jerry says you can spent to see the new project very, very soon. as you know, the seinfeld cast last reunited in 2009 for an episode of " curb your enthusiasm ."

>> you say "very, very soon."

>> i heard somewhere this morning he said it is not a super bowl ad . that was on the local station here this morning.

>> is he going to be part of the halftime show ?

>> could be.

>> then it is not an ad. it could be.