TODAY   |  January 31, 2014

Lisa Bloom: Italy will try to extradite Amanda Knox

Legal analyst Lisa Bloom says that America could argue against extraditing the 26-year-old, whose murder conviction was upheld in an Italian appeals court Thursday. The U.S., Bloom says, could cite double jeopardy.

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>>> what's next in this case? lisa bloom is "today's" legal analyst. lisa , good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> so this is the second time that amanda knox and raffaele sollecito have been convicted of murder. last time around it ended up in italy 's supreme court . they threw out the convictions. what are the chances that happens again?

>> oh, i think absolutely, amanda knox , through her attorneys, will appeal. that could take months or even years and she doesn't have to go to italy for that.

>> let's talk about now the dynamic this creates between italy and the united states . there is an extradition treaty so you have to assume that the italians are going to be calling the americans saying send her back here. what is the americans ' best case for not doing that?

>> the americans could argue that because double jeopardy did not apply in italy , her fundamental rights were violated. that means that in america, once somebody is acquitted, they cannot be retried for the crime. but italy can say, look, we have our own justice system . sure, we don't have double jeopardy but we had a fair trial . many countries in the world don't have double jeopardy and from their perspective, she's a convicted murderer. i'm sure they're going to try to get her extradited.

>> and in the end, lisa , who ultimately makes that call for the united states ?

>> well, that would be a justice department decision, and united states tries to extradite more people than any other country in the world. if we don't extradite citizens to other countries, they could reciprocate and cause a lot of problems to us.

>> lisa bloom in los angeles , lisa , thank you very much.