TODAY   |  January 31, 2014

Get ready for Super Bowl at the TODAY pep rally

Cheerleaders for the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks are on the TODAY Plaza for a pep rally and NBC reporters Kerry Sanders and Joe Fryer are in Denver and Seattle as football fans prepare for the Super Bowl.  

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>>> closer to home this weekend's big athletic contest is of course the super bowl . fans of the denver broncos and seattle seahawks are up very early this morning for our coast to coast pep rally . nbc's kerry sanders is at the tavern downtown in denver . kerry, we'll start with you. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning. it is insane here. the energy level is crazy. the folks here just are so confident. they're not cocky but they're confident that their team, right there -- the broncos -- are going to walk away with this. so, omaha omaha. they understand that here. that's peyton manning 's way of getting to speak an audible. we're going to do an audible right here. these are some of the super fans here. hat man. hat man, tell me what do you think?

>> seattle , you know we're going to rain on your froo-froo parade.

>> what do you think?

>> peyton manning against the mediocre defense. come on! what are we going to do? we're going to win the super bowl !

>> there you go. the fans are crazy. and there is one fan i'm honored to get a chance to talk to. bobnd mr bob and mrs. houser.

>> i remember we were really busy, we sold hamburgers for 35 cents and hot dogs for a quarter.

>> there you go. the crowd here is excited and ready. savannah, they believe they already know who's going to win this game.

>> kerry sanders .

>>> so we've heard some trash talk about the froo-froo-coffee parade down in seattle . let's go to seahawks country. joe, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, savannah. we're here with the loudest fans in the nfl. these guys play such a huge role in games, they're known as the 1th ma 12th man. they're so loud, they've actually caused earthquakes at the stadium. we're here with the only super fan i know who has his own action figure. you have not missed a game in 29 years. tell me what you got right here.

>> well, this is seafence sign. this is what we are as the 12th man. our defense is on the field, our seafence is in the stands and there's nothing more powerful than the sea!

>> i want to bring in mckenzie. this is not fake. this is a real tattoo. tell me why you got this.

>> i tried to win playoff tickets to the saints game.

>> and you did it to try and win super bowl tickets but you didn't win.

>> i didn't win, no!

>> no regrets though.

>> no regrets!

>> this is how loyal the fans are here in seattle . let's send it back to you guys in new york.

>> thank you very much.

>> i still want to know about the guy with the fish.

>> we're happy hair grows back, at least for some people. joe, thank you very much. more from seattle and denver throughout the morning.

>>> then the mayors of each city will join us on the plaza. they'll make a friendly wager on the outcome of the game.

>>> carson is so excited, he's already outside with the crowd. or maybe it is because of all those cheerleaders.

>> that's right, guys. i wanted to come out here and be close to the fans. that really means the cheerleaders, you're right. both sides are here. the sea gals , the bronco ladies are here, thunder, the bronco. blitz, the seahawk mascot. even the sea hulk is out there. we're asking you to go to twitter with the #seahawkstoday or #broncostoday, tell us who you're pulling for. the winner so far -- we'll do it all morning long -- 61% to the denver broncos leading the charge on twitter as of right this second. you can keep that going.

>>> a bit of business. we had our super bowl bracketology for commercials. it started with 12 big commercials. we narrowed it down to two yesterday. the mcdonald's showdown commercial versus the budweiser clydesdale commercial. more than 12,000 votes, including, by the way, mcdonald's tweeting out yesterday -- "we have this in the bag." well, after 12,000 votes, ladies and gentlemen , drum roll , please -- the winner is -- budweiser's clydesdale respect. they get the winner of the number one super bowl commercial according to all of your voters at of course, night memorable tribute to 9/11. left everybody with obviously a lasting impression. cheap the hash tags coming, show your support for denver , seattle . we have the mayors here, plenty of hype, plenty of beautiful cheerleaders and great fans getting ready for the super bowl . back to you guys.

>> carson , see you inside in a minute.

>> carson obviously going outside to see a man about a horse .

>> careful of that horse when you go out there.