TODAY   |  January 31, 2014

Lawyer: Raffaelle Sollecito ‘stunned’ by verdict

John Kelly, the lawyer for Raffaelle Sollecito, who found guilty along with ex-girlfriend Amanda Knox of the murder of her former roommate, says he was stunned by the verdict.

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>> reporter: extradited to italy to serve her time in prison. savannah?

>> keith miller , thank you. raffaele sollecito 's lawyer is with us. sollecito was picked up near the border. do you think he was trying to flee the country? do you know anything about what he was doing there?

>> no. i communicated with him yesterday. he had planned on being away from the courthouse, away from his home and media hotspots after the verdict, either way. so it wasn't unexpected. his passport had been flagged already. it wasn't like he could go to some border and use his passport --

>> flagged but not revoked.

>> he would have been stopped no matter what. i think just, as his practice, whether here or dominican republic , he tends to go to the rural areas, he doesn't want to be bothered. he tends to stay to himself.

>> i know you spoke to him last night after this verdict came. what was his reaction is this was he surprised by it? was he stunned by it? did he think he'd get a different result?

>> oh, absolutely. stunned is an understatement. no one ever expected this. as opposed to the other trials, there was much less evidence no. no evidence. there's no forensic evidence , no physical, no witness testimony, there is no motive here. there's just nothing that ties him to this situation whatsoever.

>> this is a jury -- and also judges, this panel -- that deliberated 11 1/2 hours does that seem short to you? does that seem sufficient to really look at this case is it.

>> well, no, i don't think so. but they had been hearing the evidence all along. it had already been submitted. but i think there were a lot of things that went into the decision other than the evidence in had this case. i've got to think that.

>> finally, your client has nowhere to go. amanda knox can fight extradition. he's got no options.

>> no. and whether he was in italy at the time of the verdict, he was gone, he still would have been subject to extradition anyway so he chose to be home with his family, friends an those who love and support him.

>> john q. kelly, thanks for being here this morning.