TODAY   |  January 30, 2014

Futuristic bra will only unhook for true love

The ladies of the fourth hour check out a video from a Japanese lingerie company that says is working on a bra that will only unhook in response to the wearer’s true emotions of love.

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>>> love or dislike a lot. we told you yesterday but didn't go into detail. there's a bra, a property toe type, not a real thing yet. apparently when you get turned on, your bra pops open.

>> you're obviously not wearing one or it would have happened when drew brees walked in.

>> it has a built in heart rate sensor that sends your data via blue tooth to an app. the app calculates what the designers call true love rate. i think it should be true lust rate. they compare to shopping, watching a horror movie, receiving a surprise gift like drew brees .

>> can you imagine if you're standing next to your husband's best friend . you see the best friend , and --

>> the rest is in japanese which we don't understand.

>> it pops right open. can you imagine honestly?

>> you're with your husband or the person you're supposed to be madly in love with. somebody else comes up and says hey.