TODAY   |  January 30, 2014

Ambush! 2 friends update their looks

Hairstylist Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin pluck two women from the crowd who have been friends since 1979 for a modern makeover.

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>>> time to reveal our plaza "ambush makeovers." two lucky ladies were plucked from our crowd and given a head to toe new look.

>> as always, "today" contributor and stylist to the stars, louis licari and "today" contributor and contributing editor for "people style watch" --

>> and author --

>> yes, miss jill martin have spun their magic.

>> you match.

>> we woke up today and said, what are we wearing?

>> first thing, jill , come on, let's get it together.

>> what was it like out there?

>> it is still cold, a little bit milder. so we got to see people without their hoods on.

>> these two --

>> we picked the two of them.

>> ellen is the first lucky one. she's 52 from new york. she told us she's never trusted a stylist to find what works for her so she's nervous, but she's excited to put herself in louis ' hands. let's take a listen.

>> i love this. we have college roomies. so you say that ellen looks the same as she did in college.

>> oh, yes. still frumpy, we met in '79 and we have been friends ever since but we don't see each other. i'm in florida. she's up here in new york.

>> still frumpy as ever. what do you think about that?

>> surprising but probably true.

>> okay. so we're going to give her a whole new look.

>> yes. that is going to be great.

>> can i do it too?

>> yeah, you're next. all right!

>> we got a two-fer.

>> they had fun through the years, you can tell.

>> yes, they have. so here is ellen 's before picture. all right. again her friend suzanne will react. let's see the new you.

>> wow.

>> ellen , are you ready to see yourself?

>> yes.

>> okay, spin right around, right here.

>> oh, wow.

>> wow.

>> you're a red head .

>> i love it.

>> you look great.

>> i bet your friend is going to freak out, don't you think? look right there at that camera, tell us about the hair.

>> okay, ellen 's hair was strawberry before. i said why not go -- push it a little bit. still wanted to keep it in the golden undertone family to keep it looking natural. ellen asked me an important question. is it -- is age appropriate hear, is my hair too long? you can wear your hair any length, as long as it is shaped around your face so it doesn't drag your face down. haircut by igor .

>> igor .

>> isn't it great?

>> they weren't wearing jackets so anything was a step up with all those layers on. this is --

>> and sweatshirts.

>> nue.

>> so pretty.

>> undergarment thing that just really --

>> like it. ellen , stand there and face the wall because we don't want you it see your friend. and --

>> your friend, is, as you know, suzanne , 52 from florida. she's too busy taking care of others to focus on herself. so her friend ellen wanted someone to take care of her for a change. let's listen to her story.

>> well, ellen , now it is your turn to throw her under the bus. why do you want this for suzanne ?

>> she worked really hard and has two children, just started a brand-new job and it is great time for us to have a new look.

>> now you feel bad calling her frumpy, huh?

>> yeah, kind of. that's okay. she's still frumpy.

>> all right. here we go.

>> her friend is waiting to see and we're going to take one last look at stuzanne before and bring out the new suzanne .

>> okay. are you ready to see? okay. ellen , turn around, baby.

>> you want to see yourself, i bet, suzanne ?

>> i would.

>> turn around, sweetheart.

>> i look different.

>> you two better not go out on the town, if you know when i'm saying. not safe out there for women like you.

>> stand with your friend.

>> all right, louis , tell us about it.

>> with suzanne , she except making her hair lighter and lighter. we wanted to contrast her skin. i made this very soft brown. and what i did is i gave her the option to -- could wear it back to blonde by using a semipermanent color. this was featured -- i did a story in the new "vogue" talking about monochromatic color, right on trend.

>> igor again did the haircut, took it off, made it more appropriate for her texture and she looks fabulous.

>> looks fantastic. jill , what about the outfit? she's wearing leather.

>> she didn't have a jacket so we brought that. isn't it great? like butter. and the jeans are nydj because you need a great pair