TODAY   |  January 30, 2014

Hot gadgets: Toilet seat that keeps you toasty

With freezing temperatures hitting most of the country, tech expert Katie Linendoll has some sizzling tech items to help keep you warm from head to toe, including the LumaWarm heated toilet seat and Thermo Kitty mat.

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>>> all right, try to top this on a cold day , heated slippers, a warm blanket and a plate full of mores.

>> katie has the latest gadgets to help us survive the winter.

>> i'm going to go on record. i like the cool toilet seat . the warm means somebody else has been there.

>> i have to tell you, this thing changed my life. i love waking up in the middle of night and having to go pee now. this has three different temperatures. it has a bonus led light on it.

>> there's a light in there.

>> yeah. try this out. it's really comfy.

>> why would you want to see in there?

>> try it out. sit down. it is warm.

>> here's an image that we don't need to see.

>> how much time are you spending on the toilet? get in, get out.

>> that's a personal question.

>> this is for female friends. it's a thermal kitty mat. cats will love it. 32. a good deal.

>> now, these are inexpensive little gadgets. these are nordic grips. you can put them over your shoes, can you use these little ones . no more slips and falls on that black ice .

>> these are usb heated marshmallow slippers. they get pretty toasty. 15-foot cord.

>> put those on to go to the toilet.

>> absolutely. only 25.

>> and a blanket, too?

>> this has two usbs, one for high temp, one for low temps. only 20.

>> you can put it in your computer port ?

>> yeah.

>> i love this site. candy with a forget the edible arrangement. kick it up a notch with your very own custom smores kit and you can upload any photo you want. it's a nice little option for gifting.

>> that's neat. i like that.

>> ooh, the hot sauce is ready.

>> wow, this is the second hot can you've got.

>> it's all about the hot cans this morning. you might be looking at this and saying this is probably going to taste like garbage. this is amazing. i've never chugged more soup.

>> that is hot.

>> you push down on the bottom. you're going to hear a crunching sound. you shake it for 30 seconds, within two minutes, this baby stays hot for like hours.

>> that would be great at like football games , things like that.

>> camping, the apocalypse. we have to be ready.

>> if it's the apocalypse, are we really worried about soup?

>> oh, good, hot soup .

>> this is the ultimate gadget. a little bun warmer down below.

>> wow! third thing, keeping your buns warm.

>> this segment's reached an all-time low.

>> what's the deal? what's different about this?

>> it's a convenient all-in-one gadget. 8 to 10 minutes , you got some hot dogs ready to go.

>> goes good with hot saoup.

>> i wonder if we have anyplace to sit and eat this.

>> the toilet for sure!

>> three additional gadgets we did not show you on