TODAY   |  January 30, 2014

The doctor is in: Dr. Oz’s tips for treating a cold

Dr. Mehmet Oz shares tips with TODAY on common cold cures from around the globe, including turmeric milk from India, garlic tea from Spain, and grog from France.

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>> there's nothing worse than a cold that just won't go away, and sometimes chicken soup just went cut it. dr. mehmet oz is here. good morning.

>> good morning to you.

>> spice and herbs from around the country.

>> they actually stimulate our systems. this is tumeric tea. you'll notice honey in a lot of these as well. honey is the on sweetener that has nutritional benefits that's significant.

>> tumeric, honey and milk. that's tasty. next up spain. garlic is in this one.

>> garlic does two things. within, if you're going to go out on a date, doesn't have this. one thing about garlic is to keep people away from you so you don't get sick as often. it doesn't prevent a cold but it shortens the duration, from the best we can tell. honey has been used for many centuries and is popular.

>> this is served warm, i assume?

>> most of it is served warm. it opens up the air ways a little bit. delicious.

>> a deep breath comes in.

>> this is delicious. my breath will be terrible after.

>> this is called astragalis tea from china. these allow to us weather the storms of adversity. if you're living in siberia and northern steps of china, you can try this root. all these are easily found all over this country. it usually comes in a tea form. it doesn't taste like the others.

>> are you warning me?

>> it's called a warning, tamron. it taste as little bit medicinal.

>> i love china but i'm not drinking that. moving on. i need something to cleanse my palate.

>> france.

>> france, this is a grog tea.

>> is it because it will leave you groggy?

>> it will leave you groggy. think of alcohol, you don't want to have too much because it will dehydra dehydrate you.

>> my dad was give us a hot to todi.

>> this will get you through it.

>> is this fau?

>> fau.

>> i love coriander and anise. the extra spice opens you up a little bit.

>> tell me about the magazine "the good life." i love the title.

>> a lot of people think of the good life as luxurious cars and cash. that's not what it's about. your life is defined by the people in it. a good life is whether you're feeling at your best. it's really about lifestyle.

>> not the bentley.

>> and relationships to people and intimacy.

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