TODAY   |  January 30, 2014

Son stuns mom with Super Bowl tickets

Mike Harris knew his mom was a die-hard Seattle Seahawks fan. She missed her chance to see them in the 1983 AFC Championship game because she was pregnant with him, so three decades later, he gave her the ultimate surprise: tickets to this year’s game.

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>>> we're back now at 8:11 with what's trending today.

>> we'll start off with two different stories involving kids and his parents.

>> and his mom is a die hard se seattle seahawks fan. the last time the team had a shot at the super bowl , she had to miss the celebrations because she was pregnant with him. now 30 days later, mike has found a great way to make it up to her. take a look.

>> what? what are you talking about?

>> those of super bowl tickets.

>> no.

>> yeah.

>> no, they're not.

>> they're row 10, they're the end zone and we're staying two and a half miles in the stadium in a home with --

>> no, no! we're going to the super bowl , mom.

>> and then to disneyland. mike says as soon as he learned ticket prices had dropped a little bit, he knew he could make his mom's dreams come true.

>> how cute was that?

>> imagine if the dog ate