TODAY   |  January 30, 2014

Congressman apologizes for threatening reporter

There’s more fallout from an ugly scene following the president’s State of the Union address, when N.Y. Congressman Michael Grimm threatened to throw a a reporter off a Capitol balcony on live TV. “I lost my cool, and it shouldn’t have happened,” he says. NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell reports.

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>> more fallout this morning from an ugly scene following the president's state of the union address . a reporter threatened while on life tv . good morning, kelly.

>> good morning. democratic critics say the congressman is a hot head who should play a political price for his behavior. the congressman tells me this is emotion that got the better of him after an emotional day. whatever the anger manageme menment issues were, he's trying to defend himself now.

>> i lost my cool. it shouldn't have happened.

>> reporter: one day after his own grimm tale had gone viral. that menacing outburst from republican michael grimm . unleashed tuesday night on new york one reporter michael scotto. i caught up with him wednesday when he blamed his demotion on his day.

>> there's no excuse for it and michael scotto enough was gracious enough to accept my apologi apologies.

>> reporter: grimm has been under pressure. it's suspected some questionable donations to his campaign.

>> he's not the classiest guy in the world. i wouldn't vote for him or against him in that particular issue.

>> reporter: and that report ser willing to move on, too.

>> i'm going to let the tape speak for itself and i think people can decide what they think of the apology.

>> reporter: the reporter tells me when the congressman called with that apology, he said "let's go to lunch." the reporter said we'll see if that happens. the house republicans are away on a retreat so things have schooled down. speaker boehner said it was right for grimm to apologize. that may be the end of it for any sort of official action after that outburst.

>> thank you very much.