TODAY   |  January 29, 2014

Anchors don Pharrell’s now-famous hat

The distinctive chapeau that music singer-producer Pharrell sported at the Grammy Awards has been making waves online, and the anchors try similar hats, with mixed results.

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>> what's with the hat? the pharrell hat.

>> it's a lucky hat.

>> i thought you had a new suit.

>> this is the hat that everybody's talking about. you don't have one yet?

>> no.

>> they come in many different colors. there's one for you.

>> nice.

>> it's a hot item.

>> i've never felt sexier.

>> this is designed by --

>> oh, that's hilarious. i think you look like buzz lightyear .

>> it makes me want to eat arby's. there's the camel one that pharrell wore, how much do you think these cost?

>> i thought it was going to be like $500, $600.

>> $157 and this look could be yours.

>> yeah.

>> does anybody look good with a giant hat?

>> you probably do.

>> no.

>> it's cute.

>> natalie --

>> think of the news award you're going to win now wearing that lucky hat.

>> who feels confident enough to wear this hat for the rest of our trending segment?

>> no problem.

>> pharrell .

>> all right.

>> hat off.