TODAY   |  January 29, 2014

Cop who delivered baby on icy road: It was ‘beautiful’

Officer Tim Sheffield talks to TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie about his emergency delivery of a baby girl during a snowstorm in Georgia, saying it happened quickly and that he had experienced similar incidents in the past.

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>>> there's a remarkable story tied to this storm. that couple that was on its way to the hospital but couldn't make it due to the treacherous conditions on the roads. so a police officer helped them deliver their baby. his name is tim chatfield , he's on the phone with us this morning. officer chatfield , good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning.

>> well, i guess it wasn't a regular day at the office for you. what happened? you got the call and how far down the road was this mom in labor?

>> well, actually, i was en route to an accident and i saw the vehicle on the side of the road , and they didn't look like they were stuck. i pulled over to check on them. and i asked the dad, are y'all broke down? he goes, no, we're having a baby. he was very calm. so i went over and let dispatch know, you know, i was out with someone having a baby. and he was on the phone with 911 911, and you know, she did amazing. she did -- that baby was coming no matter what. so she did about 99% of it and the father did a lot -- they were both calm, they were troopers.

>> so to speak. so dad was calm. how was mom? sounds like she kept her cool.

>> she did. like i said, she was a trooper. when she was, you know, she didn't have any anesthesia or anything, any medication or anything, it was 100% natural, but she did amazing. she really did.

>> well, officer, what was your role? you had an important one calling for help making sure the paramedics arrived as quickly as possible. but did you have to take part? do you have any training for that?

>> you know, i've had several occasions where this has happened to me. but when i got there, the dad, it was just happening right then. i had time to get the gloves and then the baby had -- when they had to come out, the father started to pull, i said no, don't pull and the baby came out and just happened quick. it was beautiful and it was on my birthday.

>> oh. did you tell us if they had a girl or a boy?

>> it was a girl.

>> so no chance she'll be named tim chatfield , then, i guess.

>> no chances it'll be named tim chatfield .

>> well, happy birthday to you and most importantly, congratulations on your good work. and, of course, pass on our very best to this couple. this new family and new little girl . thank you.

>> thank you.

>> how cool is that? he was pretty calm.

>> the dad being the one trying to pull -- let's hurry this thing along and officer chatfield has to say, no, hold on, slow down. let's get out of here.

>> he said it's happened several times before. i don't want tim chatfield coming to my