TODAY   |  January 29, 2014

Tony Dungy: Martin’s bullying was ‘racial, personal’

The former football coach and player, who interviewed NFL player Jonathan Martin about bullying allegations, says he believes Martin’s story and saw “just how personal this was for him.”

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>> us now. brought in as an outside adviser by the dolphins in this situation. coach, good to have you here. i know you did this interview. you have talked to many players at different points in their career. being a head coach in the nfl , what struck you most about jonathan martin ?

>> well, jonathan is very much like a lot of players i coach. he's intelligent, passionate. i didn't see him as any different. and the thing that maybe didn't come across in this was just how personal this was for him. not the normal things. i listened to some of the voice mails and saw the text messages. and it was as he said racial, personal, attacking his family. and it was a tough, tough situation.

>> this was beyond hazing you've seen in your time in the nfl ?

>> yeah. i couldn't picture anything like this going on in the locker rooms i was going on in.

>> if you were still coaching, hearing from mr. martin, would it change any of your coaching tactics today?

>> i think we've got to be sensitive to what's going on in this whole environment. and, you know, i don't know how it started, but it definitely escalated into something more than you would want in your locker room .

>> at the end there, seemed like a young man who really wants to play football. does he have a shot to get back in the nfl ?

>> he does. i talked to three general managers i know really well. they said he's a good player, he'll get the opportunity, but they're afraid of the scrutiny that comes with it. he's got to get to the right environment, not a place like the miami locker room .

>> happy super bowl week to you, coach. you can see the coach's full interview with jonathan martin tonight on the nbc sports network at 6:30 eastern.