TODAY   |  January 28, 2014

Clear the clutter: 6 tips to organize your life

Stephanie Sisco from Real Simple says to keep your home organized, you should avoid transferring clutter to another location, get rid of double items taking up space and create an empty space in a cabinet or drawer for overflow items.

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>>> all right, you know who you are, hoda. you keep looking at the clothes in your closet, swearing you're going to donate ones you never wear, some day, or maybe you shove that pile of mail into a drawer look my mother's been doing, promising you'll get to it on the weekend.

>> i put mine on the windowsill. it is time to tackle that stuff once and for all. stephanie sisco for " real simple " magazine is here with rules to get you organized for good.

>> hey, stephanie .

>> she has rules and if we just follow these simple rules , maybe we would all be organized.

>> yes.

>> it can help get us started.

>> you say one in, one out what does that mean?

>> when you bring something new into your home, get rid of something else. you buy a new top, you go to hang it up in your closet, get rid of one you may not have worn in over a year.

>> a year is what you -- if i haven't worn that in a year, chances are i'm not going to wear it.

>> definitely with clothing.

>> one thing i do is whenever i'm trying to clean out one area, i'm, like, i have like a box of stuff and i take it and put it in the other room and shove it under the bed because this room's clean and that's out of sight.

>> thou shalt not transfer clutter. that's rule number two. don't shuffle the stuff from room to room. if you take the time to move it, you might as well spend your time more wisely and deal with the problem.

>> what do you do with it? you don't want to get rid of it.

>> it is paper piles, you go through and open the mail and just --

>> she doesn't like to open the mail.

>> thank you. the next one is a lot of times, i do this, you have two or three sets of tweezers, scissors, a lot of extra stuff laying around.

>> don't want duplicates. duplicates are problems. get rid of multiples and say you have a corkscrew, bring home a new corkscrew, get rid of the old one.

>> don't go crazy, stephanie . now you're just being ridiculous.

>> who invited her? all right.

>> clearly she's never seen our show.

>> you say it is important to have a place -- you call it a place for nothing.

>> exactly. at " real simple ", we're not about perfection, we're about real. we suggest keeping a spot where you can dump the stuff temporarily that you don't have time or energy to deal with and then once that spot builds up, that's when you take the time to put the stuff away.

>> a catch all.

>> i got this thing from ikea, a huge thing and it closes up so you don't know what's in it. when you open it, there is all kinds of junk in there. and it looks beautiful, like on the outside, if you don't open up the --

>> metaphor for one's life. beautiful on the outside, but like crazy on the inside.

>> all right. what's the next thing, a to z.

>> yes, a to z, not a.d.d. focus on fixing one problem from start to finish rather than jumping around from mess to mess. start with the junk drawer and move up to bigger projects. it is much more satisfying to check something off your to do list than have half completed projects looming.

>> whenever i clean my apartment, not all the time, i start in one area, i do that, and i go -- i finish one room, go to the next, it is unusual, but when it happens, i like to do that, it feels like --

>> a good feeling.

>> it really is, you know. kathie's purse and her apartment --

>> organized.

>> stephanie , thank you so much. appreciate it.

>> thanks for putting up with us. but leave my corkscrew