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TODAY   |  January 28, 2014

KLG’s grooming tip: ‘Tend your garden’

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discuss the backlash to the bare bikini line, spurred by some characters on HBO’s “Girls” sporting a “fuller look” on the cable show. The ladies share their own advice on this apparent trend.

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>>> from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb , live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>> yes, everybody. it is that day. it is booze day, tuesday, january 28th . and we have a rock legend here today, everybody. we have mr. meatloaf himself.

>> you know, it is interesting that meatloaf is on broadway, right? or off broadway or something.

>> vegas, yes.

>> but i do think --

>> he's been brought back because he was such a huge success last time at planet hollywood .

>> he was a huge success. he said it was more music than acting. but i would love to see that man do a little acting on stage too.

>> he considers himself an actor more than a singer, which surprised me. he's a very nice man. i remember i was nervous to interview him the first time, which was years ago. and he's so normal.

>> and real, yeah.

>> i never met a person named meatloaf and thought he's got to be weird. he's not. he's such a nice guy .

>> our friend matthew hussey eugene carol.

>> it is fireworks all the time. a little happy birthday to cinnamon lee, remember the puppy that when you got blake --

>> yes.

>> here is cinnamon lee turning 1 year old yesterday.

>> oh, my gosh. you remember how little cinnamon lee was back in the day? that's him now?

>> yes.

>> look how darling he is.

>> so cute. i remember when you held him in your hand --

>> and gave him to my friend collin, yeah. that was cute.

>> the cutest little dog.

>> and now this is going to upset hoda very much. there has been a backlash. people are taking umbrage now to the bikini line . bad news because landing strips is seen their day apparently and is teseems like the brazilian is taking the back seat to the fuller look or some of it just call it tending your garden.

>> you know what, it is because the show "girls," which is a trend setter for everything. on "girls," everybody is naked, they have been flashing a fuller downstairs.

>> yes.

>> and what do the rest of us do? because we have already been doing it and it is too late now for many of us because when you laser it, the party's over. okay. there's no going back.

>> i don't know. don't know. you know how i feel about that. i said it one time and i won't say it again.

>> i won't remember.

>> just tend to your garden. do whatever it takes to tend to your garden.

>> you stay in your lane, and then the world goes away from your lane and then the world comes back. that's what always happens.

>> that's the problem with fads and trends, hoda.

>> they last for a minute.

>> just stand apart from the crowd, be a proud woman. tend your garden. stay out of trouble, you know?

>> american apparel --

>> this is so weird.

>> i'll let you tell this.

>> they caused some controversy. they decided to display mannequins with visible pubic hair .

>> she said it.

>> in the windows. and they had it with underwear, so you could see it. there is underwear and a lot of these -- now that's what they're doing because that's what's trendy. we don't have any shots of it because we don't -- we're not allowed. but anyway.

>> use your imagination. so people -- the whole industry has come up around -- i don't care. i really don't care what people do. a lot of people will save a lot of money.

>> you're right.

>> you're right.

>> we have already way too much unemployment, going to put a lot of -- all of these ladies who came from brazil, to show you how to do it, you know, what are they going to do now to pay their bills? huh? all the people they trained. how many people i wonder make their living doing hair removal ? all parts of the body? what do you think?

>> i don't know. i think it is a lot of people.

>> i hope the president brings it up in his state of the union tonight. that will be important.

>> this is one of those fun little surprise videos, a lot of great videos on youtube and this is a great one. there is this guy named voss ali who decided to surprise his fiancee with a stuffed animal .

>> not just any stuffed animal .

>> not just any stuffed animal . it was a bear she had many, many years ago, that had been damaged over the years, because --

>> you love them that much, they're in threads by the time you're an adult.

>> missing an eye, a nose.

>> everything.

>> anyway, just look at the reaction when she realized what it was.

>> oh! oh, my god. are you serious?

>> yes.

>> i smelled him and i knew.

>> i smelled him and i knew.

>> oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh.

>> what is his name?

>> best gift ever.

>> i could cry. it is whitey.

>> i know. that's true. my daughter had a little paddy, little huff al lump and it's in threads. i wrote a song called ratty patty and her disco suit because she was loved so much. we had had to put her in a bear suit . she's been loved so much. but here's the question, we would love to know from you all. how would you feel about having someone take it and restore it or do you love it because -- we tried to do that to -- we have sewn patty a little bit. if she looked brand-new, i don't think cas would be happy. this lady was, but --

>> the smell. that was interesting. she smelled it. when i was a kid, i loved stuffed animals , i had tons of them lined up on my bed. the last one was in college, a virginia tech t-shirt on him, but i remembered how cozy you felt surrounded by all your stuffed animals .

>> brings your childhood back at you. let us know. what do you think about this too?

>> alara baldwin -- she is the yoga instructor, married it alec baldwin . she decided she was going to do something, take a photograph of had herself doing yoga every single day in a different location. seems fine. anyway, she decided to take one while she was on a plane, flying. there she is. and the passengers seem a little wigged out, especially the two behind her. anyway, she decided to post the picture of herself doing yoga every single day in 2014 . i wonder if she told them.

>> listen, i need to stretch. it is a long flight. coming or going from ireland, i think. or maybe that's his daughter's name. i don't know. somebody said ireland. i don't know why we showed you. slow news day. around here we're happy for a slow news day.

>> yes, we are.

>> last time you went to the movies, you go to the theater, get in your seat and the previews start. okay. they did a study and found there are 7 to 8 preview s -- seven to eight. and now they're trying to get the theaters to make the trailers shorter, no longer than two minutes, and they want the trailers only to be shown within five months of the movie's release. sometimes you see a movie and it is 2015 , 2016 , coming soon . i've been to the movie theater , you get your seat, and in new york you have to be early to sit with who you came with. you have to sit there and they have to sit there.

>> you've also gone alone, which you're proud of.

>> i do that. because it is dark and you're by yourself anyway. really you're just watching. nothing wrong with that.

>> nothing wrong with it. i'm just asking what is -- you can't legislate that, right? people don't -- theater owners don't have to play the previews, do they? are they legally required to?

>> i don't -- usually i get -- after the fourth one, everyone goes -- you hear the audience collectively sigh, like, oh, my god, another preview. i do like them when there is a movie i'm crazy about seeing, every preview is usually exactly in that genre and i think i can see that, i can see that, i can see that.

>> i hate when they give away the best stuff, though. they have to be careful not to do that. i don't like it when you buy a dvd. the other day i watched such a great movie. i loved it, called 42. the jackie robinson story, which is just such a good movie, but i had no idea there were like four previews on it. and --

>> do they let you fast-forward?

>> on this one i could, but still.

>> 20 minutes of previews before a movie is too long.

>> 20 minutes ahead because you're a new yorker and get a seat. and we're sorry, there is nothing we can do about it. all right. does this describe your workplace? you hear swearing everywhere, every other word is the f word or whatever it is.

>> "the wolf on wall street " started this conversation because there were more than 500 f-bombs in that. [ bleep ].

>> yeah. and we want to know do you think this kind of language is the new normal at work?

>> i hope not. depends where you work.

>> probably depends on the workplace. in newsroom around the country, it is something you hear. and it is also something you pick up. because you hear it. no.

>> you know, most prone to it.

>> if you want to know if you're somebody who is prone to cursing and you're not sure, all you have to do is have somebody sneak up behind you and scare the you know what out of you. and the first thing out of your mouth -- [ bleep ] -- tells you what you are, because it is terrifying. i'm afraid on the air, when i burn my finger, that's the first thing, put your hand on the stove, what do you say? that. that's when you know.

>> some experts say cursing is a sign of insecurity.

>> it is not. [ bleep ]

>> but others say --

>> that was very close to an ftc violation.

>> others say when you use humor, swearing can be a good stress reliever. i think it probably can. how are you feeling?

>> any who.

>> maybe it is because of your bra.

>> it could be.

>> hwe have to talk about it tomorrow. we'll bring it up. there is a bra that apparently can tell you whether you're in love or not.

>> if you're turned on.

>> yes. if you're so excited about your bra just pops open.

>> on the phone. and if you're not, it stays locked up, you know what i'm saying? a good relationship.

>> we'll tell you about that tomorrow.

>>> we want you to answer a question for us, if you wouldn't mind, what keeps you up at night. if you're having trouble sleeping , we want to hear about it. we're going to have dr. robert oxman, director of sleep in joplin, missouri, he'll come in to answer your questions. we want to know if you're worried about something, if there are sounds, if your husband is snoring.

>> or your wife.

>> or your wife, yeah.

>> go to and let us know what keeps you