TODAY   |  January 28, 2014

Woman to give boss Super Bowl surprise: She quits

In TODAY’s Take, Willie Geist, Al Roker, and Tamron Hall discuss a Super Bowl ad in which a woman will surprise her real-life boss by quitting her job. Geist said, “If you don’t like your job, go tell your boss and then leave," Hall said she once quit a job as a waitress, and Roker said, “I have never quit a job.”

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>> welcome to "today" on a chilly tuesday morning across the country, it's january 28th , 2014 , i'm willie geist along with al roker and tamron hall . and, again, this morning for natalie, no holes in the clothes as far as we can tell.

>> no.

>> we've got it all together.

>> for some reason, i woke up with elvis on my mind. not sure why.

>> his birthday was a couple weeks ago.

>> maybe that's why.

>> a little bit of a delay, but you're wearing them.

>> you can wear those whenever you want. you have our permission. so, al, this weather, deep south , midwest.

>> you're from texas.

>> i am. i was a reporter for four years for cbs when i started out in the business, and i remember one thanksgiving it just being brutal. so that would have been 1990 -something, but i talked to my mom, of course, and i have three nieces and a nephew. i always feel for them. they don't really have coats. i didn't get a big coat until i moved to chicago. i got to call them and see. i don't think they're out of school, but it's ice, which is dangerous.

>> there's like a 20-car pile-up outside north austin.

>> yeah.

>> parts of i-94 are closed.

>> of course.

>> and this extends all the way to the carolinas. as far south as southern new jersey .

>> yeah.

>> i lived in atlanta for 6 1/2 years and you get that 1/2 inch dusting and it was shutdown time. you're not prepared for it.

>> and to your point, ice, nothing you can do.

>> i'll never forget, back when i was a reporter, driving up a slight hill and i remember just sliding back down in reverse. and you are helpless. i got out of the car. it was a nightmare and it's dangerous. dangerous.

>> it brings down power lines . it's rough. but the good news is we're going to show a little bit later that there actually is going to be a warm-up coming up on friday. and we're going to get back to normal.

>> finally.

>> finally.

>> just outrageous.

>> brutal.

>> tonight is a big night in washington, the president's annual state of the union address up on capitol hill . he's got a lot he's up against. he had a difficult 2013 , no getting around that. he's going to try to reset, we think, this year. by the way, "politico" created sort of a time lapse showing the state of the unions from 2009 to 2013 to show just how the office has aged president obama . take a look and see what you think.

>> thank you very much. thank you very much. madame speaker, vice president biden, members of congress, distinguished guests, fellow americans. thank you, god bless you and good bless these united states of america .

>> some gray hair, but otherwise --

>> look at 2009 by 2013 side by side .

>> that's the jarring shot. he doesn't look terrible. he looks thinner. that's what i notice. i think he looks thinner. his complexion looks a little fairer and that could be stress, as well. could be bad lighting , too. but i think also -- because he wears his hair close, you don't see the gray as much. when bill clinton was in office, he got this head full of gray hair. it's more noticeable. it's the toughest job in the world.

>> you're allowed a little gray.

>> you're allowed a lot of things.

>> the " wall street journal " poll says 68 percent of the country feels the country's either stagnant or worse off since the president took office. they used words like divided, troubled, deteriorating.

>> which is interesting because the unemployment number has gone down, the housing market is recovering, but people still have a sense of what's next. and i wonder whomever takes office next, will folks have that same feeling? and i think we look back in the past and we want this nostalgic feeling to return. and it's not there all the time.

>> are you going to be talking about this on "news nation" today?

>> of course.

>> you like that plug? 2 p.m . eastern. but moving things to 11:00 a.m . eastern on msnbc.

>> that's right.

>> check your cable company .

>> when does that start?

>> when do you start?

>> my new show time ? oh, yeah, yeah. that starts february 24th . and you know i have another show

called "deadline crime: with tamron hall " that airs on discovery id, and our new season starts in the fall. and in the month i'm hosting the sister wives reunion show. me and the browns hung out in las vegas for the fourth time. i didn't realize this was going to happen. thanks, team.

>> tamron hall network starts --

>> my girlfriend oprah, you might know her -- i'm kidding. i'm making that part up.

>> of course, nbc -- state of the union coverage tonight at 9:00 eastern right here on nbc.

>> and all day long.

>> all day long.

>> including "news nation."

>>> so you remember that viral video a couple months ago where the young woman quit her job?

>> yeah.

>> remember, that was the way she told her boss she was leaving. now we've got one of these coming in a super bowl ad . this woman's going to give her boss a big surprise by quitting during the super bowl . the woman's identity for now is a secret. she's already filmed this ad for you'll see it during the super bowl . and we got a little sneak peek.

>> let's talk about dreams. and the people who choose to pursue them, like [ bleep ] she's a real person with a real dream of starting her own business. she's got a message for her boss in front of 100 million people.

>> the only way it could have been better is to have danica patrick .

>> yeah, he's a little different to look at for sure.

>> what do you think of someone quitting their job this way?

>> you know what, i think we've all become such exhibitionists that if you don't like your job, go tell your boss you quit and leave.

>> have you ever quit a job --

>> i have held on to every job i have had -- with a death grip.

>> really? please don't toss me out.

>> they have to drag me out by my fingernails. i've never quit a job.

>> never quit a job? what about you, willie.

>> i've been fired from jobs.

>> no, you have not.

>> oh, yeah. shows get canceled, they don't want you around anymore. i didn't have a job after. i don't know.

>> yeah.

>> my rent wasn't being paid.

>> no matter how you slice it.

>> canceled, fired.

>> we're not --

>> bye-bye.

>> we're not renewing you.

>> exactly.

>> so if i show up on monday, are you going to pay me? no. fired.

>> we found deficiencies in the network.

>> i quit a landscaping job once.

>> i quit -- i was a waitress for 11 days at hoolihans. it was hard. and i remember my dad waking me up that morning. you going to work? i said, no, sir. he said, you gonna tell them? no, sir. i never went back.

>> didn't call?

>> didn't call, didn't write. hey, everybody. i think i kept the uniform.

>> oh!

>> did you keep the flair?

>> it was the hardest job. and that's why i overtip. i will tip to death. my last dollar because it is a hard job.

>> i got fired from my first job, which was quartering and bagging chickens. this was three years ago.

>> what did you do wrong?

>> i lied on the application. i was only 13 and you had to be 15.

>> oh, okay.

>> this was before computers. it was three weeks before social security caught up with me. and i got called into the manager's office. he goes, you're a good kid, but --

>> gotta go.

>> wow. it wasn't being fired for a bad thing. well, you lied.

>> other than that.

>> other than that.

>> seriously.

>> this is amazing.

>>> there's a man with terminal cancer, and he's writing 826 inspirational notes to his teenage daughter. he's writing them on little napkins. putting a fresh one in her lunch every day until she graduates high school . he's from richmond, virginia. he started doing this for emma, his daughter, when she was in kindergarten. before he had cancer, she's now in eighth grade. he's battled kidney cancer twice, currently has prostate cancer . his oncologist told him people with his medical history have only 8% chance of surviving the next five years. he's going for 826, he's only got 40 left to do. every day through high school , whether he's there or not, she will find one of those napkins in her lunch.

>> this story, i can't even look at the words of it. it just sends me into that spot, you know. we've talked about our parents, we're both very close to our dads. and my dad's passed away . you think about this. and you guys are parents and what you want your kids to remember. and i have a friend -- sorry, his son has celebrated his first birthday and they put together a time capsule and they've asked for advice and stories for antonio when he's 18 to open. and this is a parent wanting that love to continue.

>> dear emma, sometimes when i need a miracle, i look into your eyes and realize i've already created one.

>> wow.

>> love dad.

>> that's incredible. we have a great family friend who is about our age, a woman who passed away over the summer from cancer. a great friend in college. and when she asked a lot of us to do because she had a son 4 years old, named william, was for all of us to write a note or letter or tell a story about her that she would put into a binder that he could read some day so he could really know his mother. so to see something like this is so special and allows the memory and legacy to live on.

>> it does. these are difficult things to discuss for anyone. you can't even imagine what he's thinking when he's writing these notes. when you look at the beauty of it and the love, how do you -- you smile.