TODAY   |  January 28, 2014

Alec Baldwin: TSA patted down my 5-month-old

The actor said on Twitter that his 5-month-old child was randomly selected by the TSA for a pat-down. In a follow-up tweet he used the hashtag “#travelinginUSisadisgrace.”

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>> we know that alec baldwin is not shy about venting on twitter. and now he has a new target. tsa on monday. baldwin tweeted flying from new york, tsa randomly selects my 5-month-old daughter for a patdown. i'm not kidding, baldwin included the hash tag traveling in the usa is a disgrace. the tsa not commenting on this incident.

>> i thought if you had the baby you don't get the patdown. was he leaving the bahamas ?

>> coming from the bahamas back to the united states .

>> tsa in the bahamas . in nassau, there is a check point right there. so -- or maybe they were changing the diaper.

>> right. they were helping him out.

>> it's unusual because he's not one generally to be involved