TODAY   |  January 28, 2014

Theaters to Hollywood: Make shorter trailers

After  many complaints by moviegoers that the coming attractions before feature films are too long, the National Association of Theatre Owners is petitioning Hollywood to shorten movie trailers by 30 seconds.

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>>> with what is trending today. you guys like the movie trailers before the movie starts?

>> too many of them now.

>> in a world -- notice how many start like that? anyway, a lot of people think they're getting too long. and apparently theater owners agree. the national association of theater owners is out with new voluntary guidelines they want hollywood studios to limit movie trailers to 2:30, that is shorter than the norm. two minutes would be 30 seconds shorter than the norm. they get a lot of complaints from moviegoers about trailers being too long. it's not unusual to see up to eight previews before the movie starts which is also known as popcorn getting time totaling up to 20 minutes . what do you think?

>> there's too many of them. there's like 15 trailers.

>> i get ticked off at the commercials. you know, if you're going to lower my ticket price, then show me some commercials. but come on, really?

>> i find you have a ton of them in a row and there's one good movie you want to see. oh, that looks good.

>> i brought my son, we went to see "frozen" and he got to see all the trailers and it's good as a parent because you get to start an idea. your whole year of movies.

>> scheduling your life.

>> that's a long time in advance. i hate when you see a movie, that looks great, when is that opening? coming 2027 .

>> what movie am i here to see?

>> this is the movie.