TODAY   |  January 28, 2014

Lindsey Vonn: Alpine events will be ‘hard to watch’

Three weeks ago, Vonn announced she wouldn’t be going to Russia to compete in the Winter Games because of a serious knee injury. She told Matt Lauer it will be tough to watch from abroad, but said she plans on competing in the next Winter Games. She’ll join TODAY and NBC Sports as an Olympic correspondent.

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>>> lindsey vonn . three weeks ago, she announced she wouldn't be going to sochi to compete in the winter games because of a serious knee injury . she'll be watching the action close to home . and we're happy to announce she'll be an olympic correspondent for "today" and nbc sports . this morning, she's speaking out exclusively about that and her recovery. good morning. nice to see you.

>> hey, matt. good to see you, too.

>> we'll talk about your new role in a second. let's talk about the surgery. two weeks ago, you had a second surgery on that banged up right knee in two years. you're now recovering. how are you feeling physically?

>> i feel okay. i mean, i guess i've been through this now once before. so i kind of know the drill, unfortunately. but, you know, it's been almost two weeks, and it feels all right. it was a little bit less complicated than the first surgery. had to reconstruct the acl again and also had significant damage. it's pretty major surgery despite, you know, being better than last time. but, yeah, i'm recovering well, just doing therapy and excited to be working with you guys.

>> and we're excited to have you. but here we go again. you've got to now drive yourself physically and emotionally. you said you want to come back for the world championships in vail, colorado, next year. it didn't work out well in the end. can you do it again?

>> yeah. i can. i mean, i -- after making the decision not to compete in sochi , i have actually committed myself to racing through to the next olympics. i'm very motivated. i have a lot i want to accomplish still. and i'm going to take my time. i felt a little bit rushed the last time, trying to be back and ready for sochi . you know, i'm not going to probably ski until october. and yeah, i'm going to be racing next year and the year after that and the year after that.

>> is it going to be hard to watch the team arrive in sochi , lindsey.

>> yeah. it's going to be -- i mean, it's going to be so hard. it's already hard enough. you guys run commercials about sochi about every two minutes and it's killing me.

>> you're welcome.

>> you know -- yeah. so, you know, i'm trying not to watch as much as i can. it's going to be really, really hard to watch the alpine events. i like watching the other athletes compete like figure skating and luge and all that stuff. but it's going to be hard to watch the alpine events.

>> tell me what are you going to be doing for us? what are you looking forward to?

>> i'm not looking -- i'll tell you what i'm not looking forward to is waking up this early. that's not going to be fun.

>> you're welcome again.

>> yeah. but i don't know, i've never done something like this before. and i'm looking forward to this new challenge.

>> we're looking forward to having you. we're hoping you have a great recovery. hi to leo, your new dog there. and we'll be checking in with you a lot over the next several weeks, lindsey.

>> sounds good, thanks, matt, appreciate it.

>> all the olympic action gets underway on thursday, february 6th . the opening ceremony the next night, that is friday, february