TODAY   |  January 28, 2014

Carson shares ways to #StayWarmTODAY

In the Orange Room, Carson Daly shares strategies to fight the frigid temperatures offered by TODAY viewers and anchors alike. Use the hashtag #StayWarmTODAY to offer your own tips!

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>> carson's here and he's talking about low temperatures, literally.

>> well, frigid. that's the story today here at the desk and in the orange room . it's cold everywhere. the deep south is freezing as al mentioned, georgia, texas, let me walk you through what people are talking about. and that is the idea of how can we share tips online? whether through facebook or twitter. we've got people here who are pros at this. let's go through it. dylan dreyer, keeping large hand warmers in my jacket, keep it near the kidneys. to keep the body warm, al wrote in, i swear by my sorelfootwear boots. on facebook, you can go there and people are sharing great tips here. couple of them, one of them a good one from jill. she writes, move. just move. this one. jana writes in, i remember my mom talking about boiling potatoes and putting them in their coat pockets. we have hand warmers now, jill, you don't have to do that anymore.

>> you do have a nice side.

>> keep those tips coming #staywarmtoday. and also the next half hour, the most talked about super bowl ad you're going to see this weekend. more about that coming up.

>> thank you. little product placement in al's tip.

>> well, you know, you find what works.

>> coming up, is the royal