TODAY   |  January 28, 2014

Cruise ship squeezes into tight spot

A cruise ship that was taken out of commission squeezed between two other vessels in a Turkish shipping yard. The ship was intentionally beached and will now be disassembled.

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>>> and we've all been there before. left trying to decide if we can squeeze into a parking spot or perhaps not. well, here's proof that the ship captains have the same dilemma. this is real. this is a turkish shipping yard. there's enough room -- you know what, not enough room. the captain goes all the way anyway. the ship is being beached on purpose. it was taken out of commission. it will be disassembled. but i'm not sure if that was the plan.

>> the other boats taken out of commission too, now.

>> this is "speed iii."

>> he didn't make it.

>> that's the guy that always parks next to me at