TODAY   |  January 28, 2014

Crippling storm to hit deep South

More than a foot of snow is coming to regions that haven’t seen snow in decades as a storm is set to slam the South. The blast will impact 60 million people. NBC’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>>> but we want to get to our top story this morning. the latest round of really cold weather and snow. take a look at this map. brutal temperatures in the upper midwest , some as low as 20 below zero. our team is out covering it all from these dangerous temperatures to the snow that is falling in the south. and that's where we begin with dylan dreyer. she's in fayetteville, north carolina . dylan, good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, matt. you know, i never thought i would be talking about a major winter storm from north carolina . it was 60 degrees when i got here yesterday. we're now down to 31 degrees. now, keep in mind, this is a major winter snow and ice storm stretching about 1,200 miles from parts of texas all the way up into delaware. that's 39 million people in the path of snow and ice. now, for areas right along the gulf coast , that goes for louisiana, alabama, mississippi. this is going to be a major ice storm . perhaps the first we've seen of its kind in recent memory with quarter to 1/2 inch of ice possible. that's an area that certainly is not used to this kind of ice. but then you move up into north carolina , and here is where we're going to see the brunt of the snow out of this storm. in north carolina , just about 100 miles east of here. the last time they saw 6 inches of snow was back in 1989 . and that was one of the top three all-time snowstorms on record. we should get about 4 to 7 inches out of this storm. it'll start here in fayetteville around noontime today, first as sleet, and then turns over to snow. and it is going to be brutal again. this area is not prepared for the snow and ice that we're going to see. obviously schools are closed today and tomorrow. and it's just best people stay off the road. savannah?