TODAY   |  January 27, 2014

5 romantic getaways for Valentine’s Day

Mark Orwoll from Travel + Leisure magazine suggests five travel destinations for the Valentine’s Day weekend that are less than $200 per night, including a bed and breakfast in Arizona and a mountain getaway in Colorado.

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>>> you haven't put any thought into what you're going to do for valentine's day.

>> you could try a cozy night in or a candlelight dinner at a romantic getaway.

>> mike orwall is here, the international editor for "travel & leisure" magazine.

>> not the national one, the international one.

>> thank you, guys. nice to be here.

>> we still have time to get these trips lined up without --

>> there are a lot of affordable romantic places out there. i'll tell you, do not wait much longer. we're getting close to -- these are more than just valentine's, they're romantic getaways anytime of the year. but if you want it for that day, book now.

>> colorado, one of kathie lee 's favorite spots on earth.

>> chargie i charming little town , there is a place there called the delatera mountain chateau. looks like a chateau. just as impriessive when you get inside there. 14 gorgeous rooms, double sided fireplaces, claw foot tubs. it is affordable. this place, only $185 a night including the fresh made breakfast and beautiful mountain views from your room.

>> that's gorgeous.

>> wow. what about texas? a place near austin you're --

>> texas hill country . this is worlds away from austin. has limestone canyons, beautiful rivers. and a great little town called wimberly and the blair house inn. there are beautiful sunset views from your private deck. you're going to take some cooking classes from the executive chef there. hill country cuisine, texas barbecue. this is the rooms are -- all beautiful. and they're going to charge you $189 for a place you're going to remember for the rest of your life.

>> affordable. sedona, arizona.

>> this is red rock country.

>> yes.

>> in wintertime, when it is dusted with snow, it is even more beautiful.

>> glorious.

>> glorious. energy vortexes there, hot air balloon is a great thing to do, hiking and the canyon villa inn is the place i would recommend that you stay. many of the -- most of the rooms have gorgeous views of the red rocks while you're there. and the people who run this place, terrific. they're going to advise you on spa treatments to go, biking, mountain biking , ballooning, whatever you want to do. rate there is only -- what do we got, $180 a night.

>> it is very chilly at night, right?

>> very chilly at night, yes. but surprisingly moderate during the day.

>> what about vermont?

>> there is a little town called lower waterbury, vermont, the most idyllic new england village with the church steeples and the quaint downtown.

>> it is cold.

>> it is cold there. a place you can snuggle up, get out of the cold, is the rabbit hill inn. 200 year old restored house and tavern. it has all the classic trappings of new england inn with canopy beds and decks and beautiful views of the town around there. they love candles there. a candle glow turn down service and candle lit breakfast in the morning. $170 a night.

>> wow. yeah, yeah.

>> georgia , a little spot in georgia ?

>> there is. it is called ski island georgia . the golden isles , i take that back, st. simons island in golden aisle and st. simons inn is across from the beautiful iconic 100-year-old lighthouse. you can take tours of the plantation ruins there, each of the rooms is decorated differently at the st. simons inn. see views just like that. and rate there, best of all, only $119 a night.

>> stop it, mark. stop it.

>> and romantic too.

>> thank you. thanks.

>> thank you very much.

>>> legendary rocker meatloaf is here.

>> and matthew hussey with your relationship questions.