TODAY   |  January 27, 2014

Move over Super Bowl, here comes Kitten Bowl

The Hallmark Channel is set to airs its first ever “Kitten Bowl,” where 71 kitties compete in a championship of cuteness. Host Beth Stern stops by Studio 1A along with six kittens to provide a preview.

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>>> see the claws come out. this show is full of catfights.

>> they're making their escape too. not this show. but the all new kitten bowl on the hall mart channel where players are rough on the astroturf, but behind the scenes , just a bunch of pussycats. take a look.

>> recovers the ball after that ferocious hit. he's at the 10, marching downfield.

>> what a pass to snowball and gets in for the score.

>> touchdown!

>> of course.

>> is there nothing he won't do?

>> he's everywhere. and here with her pick of the litter that are all up for adoption is the show's host, miss beth stern.

>> i made regis do this. he's my neighbor and he has -- ashley for years. i know he was a could tat lover. i made him come on.

>> tell us about the kitten bowl. what is going on with this?

>> you joined us. i made you come too.

>> she's allergic to cats.

>> yes. it is a celebration of kittens. and when i say that, i just want people to watch the cuteness of the kitten bowl on super bowl sunday, tune into the hallmark channel . and see an adorable cat, all 71 kittens have since been adopted. so we're hoping to inspire people, seeing a cute black, tabby, orange or black cat , go to your local shelter and give one of these guys a home.

>> ridiculous to have any superstition about black cats . just in much need of a home and love as everybody.

>> howard and i have a 22 pound black cat named leon bear and he has only brought our family good luck. so i say black cats are good luck and she needs a home.

>> you're hoping people, while the super bowl is on, they may flip over to the hallmark channel and take a breath?

>> it is fun. a little breather from the big game .

>> got a runner. we got a runner.

>> they're very nimble.

>> look how cute.

>> look how they chase the thing.

>> all of these kittens are available for adoption at north shore animal league america right after the show. if any of these capture your eye, come over and adopt one. what is great too, on super bowl sunday, all the local shelters will hold super bowl kitten parties. go to your local shelter. perfect time to adopt. it is winter, you don't want to train your puppy outside.

>> we got a runner.

>> that's the fun. wait until you see what happens on the kitten bowl.

>> are there any big issues that crop up?

>> hoda, a couple of catfights.

>> of course there were.

>> a few catnaps. we lost a couple of kittens on the wall, the wall was all velcro and when he to pull them off. it was adorable. it is fun. you see kittens having a ball.

>> you do so much for animal welfare . you're synonymous with it now. fantastic.

>> who else is participating?

>> kelly rutherford fell in love with two of our players and adopted them. rachael ray , a huge animal lover and she helps and gives proceeds to her cat food line, which is so incredible. we had such a fun day. yeah.

>> it was a lot of fun.

>> i think it will be fun to see on super bowl sunday.

>> meanwhile, howard and i are fostering kittens at home, so if anybody -- we fostered 50 since june. adopted a blind cat. there is howard and bella, our blind cat, bella, look at her. she has one eye and our four other cats. those are my babies.

>> it is -- why not? god bless you.

>> we have cats all over the place. you can catch kitten bowl on super bowl sunday on the hallmark channel .