TODAY   |  January 27, 2014

Bobbie Thomas switches Grammy stars’ styles

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas shares some of the hot trends from Grammy’s red carpet, such as artistic expressions and metallic. She swaps some of the colors and styles the stars donned last night to enhance their looks.

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>> hey. we're back with more of "today" on this fun day, monday. time to do what we love to do after any big wards show, pick apart the fashions.

>> here on which stars struck the right chord on the grammy red carpet and which could use fine tuning is "today" style editor and author bobbie thomas.

>> hi, doll.

>> how are you, ladies?

>> we're good.

>> let's get started.

>> first, some ladies, all that jazz is the category. big names that made a statement. famous for artistic expression.

>> which means you didn't like it.

>> madonna is madonna and a lot of people compared her to a certain, you know, religious faction and then katy perry , you know, the valentino, even though it was valentino couture, i wasn't a fan. but i loved cyndi lauper in alexander mcqueen . this is cyndi, she wore this cape outfit but a little on the wild side . next up, some of the women i really loved were a big ten of the night, metallics, sierra, just glowing. i loved the baby bump. and then i loved taylor. she was looking --

>> exquisite.

>> like a supermodel really in this gucci, having a great season on a lot of red carpets. and then rita ora looking fantastic in long bon. a cool texture, amazing in person, it kind of changed color.

>> okay.

>> next, someone that we're familiar with is zendaya.

>> so adorable.

>> she was one of my favorites. she stuck out in this dress from emanuel ungara and fresh and different. i thought it was age appropriate . i loved it was actually a dress and just a fun color that stood out.

>> haven't heard about ungara in a long time.

>> i know. this was a great pick. alicia keys looks fantastic and i wish i had this body, because she looks great. but i wanted to sort of share something at home, if you find a dress like this in the store and just don't think you can pull this off because you're not going to the grammys, you know, you can add a sheer panel just like that, and it still is sexy. i actually kind of like what the sheer panel did to her frame, bought she has great strong shoulders, but without the wide set straps, it pulled her together.

>> would you do that or skin tone?

>> you could do a lot, lace, you could do black.

>> a great piece of jewelry to pull it over and tie it up.

>> a lot of things. this is for someone who would want to try something like that and be more modest.

>> what about galore yeah estefan?

>> she is the nicest woman and most beautiful inside and out. i loved what she wore, but i did want to see this seam you see in the sleeve sort of -- i wanted to see it across there.

>> makes it a little maternal, doesn't it?

>> a little bit. and her hair. and, you know, i really can't --

>> look at the difference.

>> look at how fantastic she looks with just lightening up, crop the hair, crop the -- you can still have the overlay, but just keep it shorter because if you extend at that line, where if you see where the sleeve originally was --

>> it is slimming.

>> before it kind of extended her. so this is just something to pay attention, especially if you have some girlfriends up top like myself. so now we have ariana grande, too much dress, too little dress. so this was something fun that i wanted to see the swap. and now you'll see that i think this is a little more youth appropriate. i actually wish that i put -- would have also swapped the shoes, but i really thought ashanti has such great curves and this line was so beautiful on her silhouette that it was really fantastic.

>> i love a black background with a floral on it. it is unusual, very pretty.

>> i have to say, thank you so much to all of our viewers, when he so many people tweeting suggestions and more of those swaps on and, on, taylor swift was the favorite.

>> what i loved about it, it was so elegant.

>> lots of times at the grammys you see --

>> crazy.

>> we all love it. but it was nice to see her dressed so elegantly. thank you, bobbie.

>> thank you, bobster.