TODAY   |  January 27, 2014

Justin Bieber’s mom, Usher stage intervention

Entertainment Weekly’s Tim Stack gets Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb up to speed on the Hollywood highlights from the weekend, such as a team of supporters rallying behind Justin Bieber and the winners from last night’s Grammy Awards.

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>>> it's monday, so it is time to fill you in on "today's buzz" and all the celebrity scoop your friends and co-workers will be talking about today.

>> from behind the scenes at the grammies to "50 shades of grey" sneak peek, we have all the gossip from " entertainment weekly " senior writer tim stack .

>> we love our timmy.

>> the grammys, big deal . they had an impromptu sort of -- not impromptu but a big wedding that popped up a big gay fan dango. that's what i'm calling it. but they played macklemore and ryan lewis , the song "same love", which is this beautiful love about acceptance and accepting gay people and basically queen latifah came out. i guess she's ordained now as a minister and she married 33 couples, weren't all gay, gay and straight couples, men and ladies, but it was just beautiful, and then madonna came out and sang "open your heart" and dressed like the sheriff of gay town. look at her. she looks like --

>> what you doing here, partner?

>> madonna , grills and the whole thing.

>> and with her son on the red carpet . i love her, but madonna coming out with a cane made me really sad. a dark moment.

>> don't remind people of your age.

>> an interesting moment when album of the year was announced and, well, let's just take a look at the moment, shall we? you break it down.

>> and the grammy goes to -- " random access memories."

>> okay, so that didn't look like such a dramatic moment. taylor --

>> if you zoomed in on taylor, basically, the winner, we should keep that " random access memories," first it was like "red" is the title of her album, and you saw her react. her father lowas next to her and it looked like someone gut punched him.

>> she's won before.

>> yeah, yeah, yeah, she was dancing, having a good time, she and yoko ono . yoko was casting spells on people, like pointing at people with two fingers.

>> don't get on her bad side.

>> macklemore cleaned up they did great.

>> i feel bad for ryan lewis , because he never gets to say anything.

>> i know.

>> like hoda a little bit, you know? just not fair, right, hoda? come on.

>> you're the ryan lewis of this duo. that's too bad. i'm not sure what ryan lewis is like, role is in that group. and they got cut off in their --

>> we made this album without a record label. we made this independently.

>> still not giving him a chance.

>> so they --

>> they crank the music up.

>> that was not --

>> i don't know, it is weird, because he's like we made this without you all and then -- the music played.

>> so many people are doing it their own way. they're taking advantage of social media , with the next subject we're going to talk about, i think justin bieber, justin 's whole career came because of social media and youtube.

>> absolutely.

>> what is the latest on what is going on with him?

>> justin bieber last week had the big dui arrest in miami. and he literally, after he got out of prison, he flew to miami, like the next morning, saturday morning -- he was already in panama, saturday morning on vacation, i guess. and so usher, who sort of discovered him, flew down there and he's been hanging out and --

>> his mom too.

>> yeah.

>> i called his mom because we're friends and we were in the keys and i said, listen, i'm an hour away, we can come and bail him out if you want us to. and she said to -- my assistant, thank you so much, but his father is with him. i thought that was a good thing until then i saw the father might be part of the problem.

>> yeah, it looks like the father might be partying with him, kind of like --

>> they said there was video out that showed he wasn't going 60 miles an hour, he was going in the 30s. i mean, do we know what --

>> does a maserati do a 30?

>> there was a report that the owner of the car said that basically gps tracking said it didn't go over 55 miles an hour, so who knows? he also, you know, the problem is that florida has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to underage drinking, so he's not --

>> and drugs.

>> this is what happens when people adopt monkeys.

>> my theory. he had a monkey, michael jackson had a monkey, zac efron got hit by a monkey on the show. what is it with monkeys.

>> which stars hit a high note and which ones could use a remix? bobbie has red carpet radios do from last night's grammys. thank you,