TODAY   |  January 27, 2014

Hoda: I crashed Clive Davis’s Grammy party

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb are reunited after a week apart, and KLG fills Hoda in on her time vacationing with family. In return, Hoda explains how she crashed Clive Davis’s Grammy party after stealing an invite from KLG.

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>>> hello, everybody. i mean all of you. thank you for joining us for fun day, monday, the 27th of january.

>> look who's back.

>> i'm back.

>> just look.

>> i'm always glad. i'm not trying to ruin my -- waste my life, but i'm glad january is almost over .

>> over.

>> and february is the shortest month of the year and then we're already in march.

>> by the way, you picked the perfect week to be off, especially weatherwise. it was a nightmare.

>> i checked it every single day. part of me felt sorry for you. other part was, like, oh, my gosh. here's what -- we were going to go, frank and i were going to go down to the keys with bambino, get in the sunshine for a little bit, for a week's vacation. my daughter who is 20, almost 21 called me up and said words that every parent longs for. mom, would you want to come up and spend some time with me in l.a.?

>> oh, my god.

>> you know what, the fact that your children even want to be around you much less come and spend time, so i did that. we had an awesome time in los angeles , saw some friends and the weather was -- i know it is a 100 year long -- worst drought in 100 years.

>> wow.

>> yes. it is terrible. it is really, really dangerous. so the people that live there are very, very concerned about it and rightfully so. you happen to be the blessed person that spends a few days there, you just -- i was going to fly back to jfk and pick up my husband and my dog and i looked at the weather and said, see you in miami. and i was -- no. because there's frank and bambino, sitting -- sitting -- sitting on the dock of of the bay we had a ball. that's how i wear my hair in the keys the entire time. that's my scrunchy. frank never says a word about it.

>> how cute are you three?

>> adorable. you know what, down there, you do not care. the trip to alabama jacks and bambino gets to -- i go to places where they love my dog.

>> bambino goes to alabama jacks.

>> a fan club down there. so, thank you, jenna bush , absolutely a doll.

>> such a sweet girl and such fun.

>> she is. she's no me, but she's a doll. i love her to pieces. i heard from lots of people that they enjoyed her as well so much. so, hoda, i'm back with you.

>> i'm glad you're back. i'm so glad.

>> you --

>> i went to l.a. this is like every now and then you have a weekend, you go, i can't believe i had this weekend, i never have those weekends, but this time i did. there was a big music cares celebration for carole king , a fund-raiser. i was trying to get tickets and i couldn't and i couldn't. and suddenly we got great tickets, marty and his wife, dorothy, helped us out with great tickets. we helped out at the carole king tribute event. we get to the red carpet who is standing in front of me? james taylor . right in front of me. you're, like, oh, my god, look who's here. i got a selfie with carol.

>> and jen.

>> jen miller was there. so pretty. we went to the concert in pink and all these wonderful --

>> performers.

>> performers, that's from another thing -- were playing her song. we have a little snippet.

>> you did video?

>> a little.

>> oh, wow.

>> it was so moving. i was weeping. we had the best time. and then i totally squatted as you.

>> squatted?

>> there was a clive davis party, you got invited, i didn't. so i took your invite. it was so great. i was like i wonder if we're getting in. probably not. i get in there and i put on my red dress my mom got me and some girl is wearing the exact same dress. so we --

>> you did the right thing. you said --

>> it happens and we own it.

>> it was -- stevie wonder was there, joni mitchell . all these people. people were performing macklemore and it was your seat. i'm sorry.

>> i had a great seat down in the keys, baby, yes. hoda, i'm so happy. nothing makes you happier.

>> it was an awesome weekend. we have to see "beautiful," me and you.

>> "beautiful" in about two weeks.

>> good.

>> i'm so happy for her. she's one of the -- and james taylor . these two people, for certainly it was my youth, not yours, hoda, but they are the soundtrack of my life. two favorite albums, cds growing up, tapestry by carole king and sweet baby james . you want to know what a generation of unbelievable music was, listen to those two cds.

>> daft punk last night --

>> i never heard of them, of course, but i am their biggest fans now.

>> five awards. they played that song "get lucky" and that's the one that pharrell sings on and they won album of the year, they won all these awards and they don't speak. they don't say anything. they're robots.

>> that's why i enjoy the grammys. i get to discover what everybody's been talking about. i hear the songs for the very first time. the ones you guys are all sick of, i go, yeah, yeah.

>> those guys never show their faces. we don't how old they are, what color they are, anything about them.

>> they're french, right?

>> they get all this success and they can still have an anonymous life. i think that's fantastic.

>> one of the best duets in the whole thing.

>> sarah and carole.

>> they sang this kind of mashup of beautiful and brave. only ten seconds, because --

>> otherwise we have to pay money.

>> let's watch a little. say what you want to say and let the words flow out honestly i want to see you be brave

>> their voices are beautiful together.

>> you can look at sarah saying oh, my god, she's singing my song.

>> you're disappointed she didn't win?

>> why didn't she win? she was great.

>> why haven't i ever been nominated is a bigger question?

>> beyonce and jay-z, beyonce and jay-z opened the whole thing.

>> i was on a cd that won --

>> what?

>> but a little winnie-the-pooh album called take my hand.

>> got nominated for a grammy?

>> yeah, like 20 other artists on it, but --

>> who cares? you were on it. did you win?

>> no. poor winnie-the-pooh, if i didn't have kathie lee on it, i probably would have won. pink sang while doing this aerial routine.

>> she's such a goddess.

>> visual artist.

>> yeah, let's watch. got to get up and try, try, try

>> now, does she ever come down? mingle in the audience, you know? or does she do the whole thing from up there?

>> how does she sing upside down?

>> very well.

>> it is amazing.

>> yeah, i have a lot of respect for her.

>> paul mccartney and ringo star , dieing to see those two get back together. they didn't sing a beatles song but one of paul's new ones. the other big news on social media was pharrell's hat.

>> finally -- that one would have fit you, hoda. yeah.

>> they called him a canadian mounty. look at beyonce 's face. oh, my god.

>> can we talk about beyonce 's body now? oh, my gosh. talk about coming back from a baby. she looks better than she's ever looked.

>> we have a teeny clip of that beginning. no, we don't.

>> we can't because we don't have any money.

>> we don't. okay. so we're going to talk more with tim stack .

>> watch what happens live at the andy cohen show that you know about. matt and savannah went on. when you were on the show, you are dead. it is live.

>> 11:30 at night. what are they doing there when they get up at 2:00 in the morning?

>> that's what they do. they played a game called wife power or fourth hour. matt and savannah had to guess if the quote came from our show or from the real housewives of anything. we're going to play two questions and see if we recognize it. let's go.

>> we can't hear --

>> yeah.

>> okay, we'll try it again. okay. we're ready. go.

>> how did anyone get pregnant before there was the --

>> hoda kotb .

>> we don't know what the question was, but --

>> this must be fun for you at home. kathie l kathie lee said that.

>> one more time.

>> i'm going to pee on your carpet.

>> i know the answer to that because she then came to my house and peed on my carpet, that's kathie lee .

>> and the answer is -- cam richards from the housewives.

>> i would have said pp. just the p part is passe. i would have used the real term urinate but i never -- i've never been to matt's house. so he's a liar. okay. so jonah hill hosted "saturday night live" for the third time. i guess he was great. a surprise guest came up.

>> he did. "the wolf from wall street " leonardo dicaprio . watch the monologue.

>> can we do the thing?

>> is it going to help you be less nervous?

>> yeah.

>> am i flying, jack?

>> yes, rose. yes, you're flying!

>> that is cute.

>> so good.

>> that is cute. what you got?

>> this is a beautiful smelling and a great thing for your skin called moroccan oil, a dry body oil. you used it.

>> yes.

>> you turned me on to all moroccan oil.

>> so good and rubs right in. okay.

>> egyptian skin.

>> what you got?

>> last week i didn't have a chance to tell you about debbie boone 's new cd. if you love music from the '30s and '40s. there she is in one of rosemary clooney 's dresses from years ago, she sang in -- she was the daughter-in-law of rosemary clooney . i had a chance to do debbie on my podcast, starting this wednesday with nia vardalos , really fun. we're talking about giving back. if you're interested, get a book called "i like giving," practical ideas by brad formsa.

>> okay.

>> good stuff.