TODAY   |  January 27, 2014

Hottest Google searches revealed

Google technologist Daniel Sieberg walks TODAY through some of the terms Internet users were searching for over the weekend, including “Pam Dawber,” “Lizzie Borden,” and “Valerie Trierweiler,” France’s former first lady.

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>>> a presidential affair, a murder mystery and a mork and mindy reunion. a few reasons you're all over google this weekend.

>> and here with the hottest searches is the google technologist daniel.

>> good to see you.

>> a lot of people looking up interesting things. i was blown away by the first one.

>> so she is going to be appearing on rob williams new show "the crazy ones" guest starring. and this makes for kind of a mork and mindy reunion. they were starring from 1978 to 1982 . it was actually -- this show was a spinoff of "happy days."

>> it was?

>> yeah, mork appeared on "happy days" to take ritchie cunningham back to his planet and ended up with his own show.

>> and things worked out well for him.

>> yes. he was known for mork and mindy .

>> that'll be fun to see them back together. the second one lizzie bordon starring christina ritchie based on the dark nursery rhyme .

>> 19th century murder mystery , 1892 was when she was tried and acquitted, true story , of killing her father and stepmother with an axe. had people searching about christina ritchie . but also details about the murder itself kind of playing online detectives.

>> and also trying to figure out how it became a nursery rhyme .

>> i don't tell that one to my kids.

>> yeah.

>> that's not a good one.

>> another search on our list. valerie -- she's the girlfriend of the president of france . former girlfriend.

>> she was the official first lady of france . they split up. she left the official residence over the weekend, apparently went to mumbai as part of charitable work there. but it was all shrouded in this controversy where the president was accused of having an affair with a french actress. so very scandalous. it was in the media there in france .

>> i love how you sanitize this story.

>> seen leaving the girlfriend's house.

>> allegedly. he had a helmet on.

>> well, he's not denying the girlfriend, who is much younger. and she was so traumatized, the seven-year partner she ended up in the hospital. you totally sanitized that.

>> this is also not that unusual.

>> the difference of the way it's covered there and a scandal like this covered here.

>> they said the affair hasn't changed their opinions.

>> popularity went up, actually.

>> tell me, i just learned the term.

>> i learned about this over the weekend. it is a bird. once you see it, you can't unsee it. it is an incredible looking bird. also a lot of means online. it looks like it's having this reaction of, whoa, you know. and it blends into its surroundings. it is a nocturnal bird rarely seen during the day. and it was just around on social media , people searching about it and probably wondering, is this legitimate?

>> i love these random things that people are all looking up.

>> you never know what people