TODAY   |  January 27, 2014

Video captures woman jumping onto moving train

An Australian woman is lucky to be alive after a frightening jump onto a freight train. She walked up to the train and attempted to hop on, and slipped between two cars. She is expected to fully recover.

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>>> a newly released surveillance video shows the frightening moments when an australian woman tried to jump on to a moving train. take a look. you can actually see the woman get up from the bench on the station platform . she walks up to the moving freight train and then jumps. she slips between two cars. it's hard to tell what happened to the woman until the train passes, then you can see her lying motionless on the tracks. amazingly, you see her there, she got up, she's expected to be okay.

>> wait, wait, wait. go back. is that guy on the platform shooting video of her and not jumping down to help her?

>> someone was shooting because we have the surveillance video.

>> but the guy standing there.

>> we can't tell --

>> but he stands there, he's looking with the phone.

>> wow.

>> bizarre.

>> i hope he was calling 911.

>> that surveillance video was the platform -- the train station video, not from his camera.