TODAY   |  January 27, 2014

Pope Francis’ gesture of peace goes terribly wrong

Just minutes after the pontiff’s “Prayer for Peace” on Sunday, he released two white doves as part of an annual tradition. One of the doves was suddenly attacked by a passing seagull. There’s no word on the fate of the doves.

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>> crazy. and something else a lot of people have talked about. i thought this was fake over the weekend. a symbolic gesture of peace and reconciliation by pope francis went terribly wrong. minutes after the pope's prayer for peace, he released two white doves as part of the annual tradition. one of the doves was attacked by a passing sea gull . they got away. i did see a report that one of the doves lost feathers and it was okay. nevertheless, i thought it was one of those fake photoshop things.

>> hope you don't believe in metaphors.

>> we don't.

>> -- before that happened. you don't know the story.

>> the doves were talking smack.

>> good feathers.

>> you're on.

>> actually, i can't take credit for that. that was from anamaniacs. there was a segment called the good feathers.

>> you would have gotten away with that.

>> i know, but someone would tweet it. i don't want