TODAY   |  January 26, 2014

Jenna Wolfe’s two simple tips to improve your fitness

When it comes to exercise, many people wind up doing the same things over and over again. It’s not always easy to change up a fitness routine, but it’s important.

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>> sunday in january. it's our final installment of get fit today. jenna is across the studio with great bits of advice for us.

>> thanks for letting me take your twin dress and cutting it and using it as a tirks shirt. my first tip is something you can do any time anyway. it's your glutes and your core. every time you take a step, you should be squeezing your rear end , every single step. a little bit goes a long way. lester is going to demonstrate the squeezing -- just kidding, lester . squeeze your glutes. your core is the key to your strength. tight core, tight body. work that area, help not only the abdominal region, posture, quord nance, balance, you should be holding it in all day long. hold it in now, i'll check back with you.

>> i was already.

>> you're not holding your stomach in.

>> anybody following us on twitter knows we did core work this morning.

>> we did a three-minute plank.

>> and by we they mean jenna and lester , but dylan and i had a stop watch and a camera.

>> we did it. i give you credits. keep that core tight. tip number two, mix up your fitness routine. if you've heard it once, you heard it a thousand times. if you just spin or you just run or do the elliptical, you're missing out on the different muscle groups. incorporate mini routines into your work out, you'll burn more calories. one way is what i call pocket exerci exercises. you can pull them out any time. there are hundreds you can pick from. i chose two this morning. the first one, we'll do squats and push-ups. it's two exercises. this is a squaud squat. you know what a pushup is. start by doing ten squats and one pushup and get up, nine squats and then two push-ups, eight squats, three push-ups, until you end up with one squat and ten push-ups. you're going upper body, lower body, upper body, lower body. strength move mixed with cardio. if you love to run, do this, run a mile. here is another pocket workout. a combination of jumping jacks and planks. is your core still tight over there?

>> it is major tight.

>> a plank, we've all done them, not too high, not sagging. nice and tight. i want you to get up and do 60 jumping jacks and then get down and do a 60 second plank, 30 jacks, 30-second plank. do it again, 30, 45, 60. either use these in combination with your normal routine or do a set of three or five of them. good luck. tweet me with questions. the three-minute plank, lester , who won?

>> it was a tie. 3:16.

>> i thought you won. she gave up at one point --

>> that wasn't giving up. that was to make sure he